Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 1

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with Jesus’ selection of his human instrument James Padgett for the purpose of communicating his truths to humanity at this time in history. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


Chapter 1 – Jesus’ Selection of  His Human Instrument for Our Time

Jesus of Nazareth Selects James E. Padgett


Jesus Wants the World to Follow His True Teachings

* Jesus Declares That the Divine Love Is Reaching Out to Every Man, and That Mr. Padgett Is the Instrument to Receive His Repeated Gospel

* When Mr. Padgett’s Soul Development Was Sufficient to Permit Jesus To Write, the Following Informative Message Was Received

Mr. Padgett’s Wife, Helen, Affirms That Jesus Wrote

John H. Padgett Affirms That Jesus Wrote Through Mr. Padgett

Mr. Padgett’s Grandmother, Ann Rollins, Also Declares That Jesus Wrote

* Mr. Padgett Received This Second Formal Message from Jesus Only a Few Days After the First

* Ann Rollins Continues a Discussion of Jesus’ Discourse on the Father’s Being and Nature

* Jesus Communicates a Personal Message to Mr. Padgett. He States That He Is Not God, but Was Sent by the Father to Lead Men to His Favor and Love. As Such, He Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Mr. Padgett’s Father Confirms Jesus’ Previous Message

Mr. Padgett’s Mother Adds Her Testimony

* Another Personal Message Is Given to Mr. Padgett from Jesus

Mr. Padgett’s Mother Responds to Jesus’ Message

* The Master Gives Additional Assurance That He Is Jesus. He Also Refers to a Spirit Who Claimed That He Had Lost His Soul

Mrs. Padgett Affirms That Jesus Wrote About What a “Lost Soul” Means

Ann Rollins States That Jesus Writes Through Mr. Padgett. She Also Declares That There Are No Imposters of Jesus Who Write

Jesus Discusses the Result of Mr. Padgett’s Belief in Him

* Jesus Explains Why Men Should Believe That He Is the True Jesus, and Why He Writes Through Mr. Padgett

Mrs. Padgett Corroborates That Jesus Wrote

* Jesus Enlarges Upon the Efforts of the Spirits to Show Men the Truths of the Father

* A Confirmation by Andrew That Jesus Writes Through Mr. Padgett

* A Confirmation by Peter

* A Confirmation by John

* A Confirmation by James

* A Confirmation by Jerome

* A Confirmation by Anthony

* A Confirmation by Stephen

Confirmation by Barnabas

A Confirmation by Thomas

Luke Adds His Testimony

A Confirmation by John Wesley That He Heard the Master Select Mr. Padgett for His Work

A Confirmation by A.G. Riddle That the Master and the Apostles Have Communicated That Mr. Padgett Is Selected to Do the Work

* A Confirmation by Ann Rollins. She is Amazed at the Great Assurances Given to Mr. Padgett

How Happy Mrs. Padgett Is That Great Spirits Have Confirmed Mr. Padgett’s Selection

* Paul Explains His “Thorn in the Flesh” and His Experience on the Way to Damascus

* John Corroborates That Jesus Writes Through Mr. Padgett

* The Time Is Now Ripe for the Truths to Be Made Known So That Mankind Can Be Redeemed from Their False Beliefs

* John, the Apostle, Gives Encouragement to Mr. Padgett, and Tells of the Wonderful Love the Master Has for Him

* Jesus Discusses the Wonderful Power That May Come to Mr. Padgett if He Will Only Have Sufficient Faith

* Mrs. Padgett Describes the Regal Power and Authority That Jesus Displayed While Writing Through Mr. Padgett

* John Affirms That Jesus Showed His Glory, Power, and Authority While Writing Through Mr. Padgett, and He Speaks of the Wonderful Blessings and Faith That May Come to Him

* A.G. Riddle Is in a Condition of Wonderment After Seeing Jesus Showing Such Brightness and Power

* Ann Rollins Also Affirms That Jesus Wrote and Showed His Glory and Power

* Robert G. Ingersoll, a Former Author and Agnostic on Earth, Was Present When Jesus Wrote and Showed His Glory.  He Confesses That He Is an Agnostic No Longer, but a Most Repentant Believer Now

* Mrs. Padgett Affirms That Jesus Wrote and Showed His Glory, and That He Selected Mr. Padgett to Do the Work in Receiving the Messages

* John, the Baptist, Declares that Mr. Padgett Is Now a Disciple of the Master

* James Confirms That Mr. Padgett Will Soon Get Relief from Worry

* Luke Also Gives His Assurance That Relief Will Soon Come to Mr. Padgett

* John Encourages Mr. Padgett to Open His Heart to the Love of the Celestials

* Barnabas Assures Mr. Padgett That He Will Receive the Father’s Help

* John Wesley, Founder of Methodism, Affirms That Jesus Will Attend to Mr. Padgett’s Needs

* John Garner, Former Preacher of England, Also Gives Encouragement to Mr. Padgett

* Mrs. Padgett Refers to the Many Consolatory Messages Mr. Padgett Received

* Jesus Again Showed His Great Glory, and Gave His Love to Mr. Padgett

* Saleeba Presents Her Comments on the Power and Glory That Jesus Displayed

* John Wesley Speaks of the Great Love Jesus Has for Mr. Padgett.  He Also Reveals That Jesus’ Glory and Power Were So Wonderful That All Knelt in Awe

* Ann Rollins Affirms Jesus’ Love for Mr. Padgett. She Describes the Wonderful Experience Witnessed, and Tells How All Were Surprised at the Display of His Glory

* Mrs. Padgett Affirms That the Great Love of Jesus Was Bestowed on Her Husband, and That She, Too, Was Filled with Awe

* White Eagle Was Astonished at the Wonderful Glory of the Master. He Confirms That Spirits Were Awed by the Brightness and Magnificence of His Presence

* John Layton Affirms That All That the Spirits Wrote About the Magnificent Power and Glory of the Master Is True. He Also Declares That This Revelation Marks an Epoch in the Spirit World

* Daniel Webster Affirms That Jesus and Spirits of the Higher Spheres Are Revealing the Great Truths of the Father Through Mr. Padgett

* A Confirmation by Mark That the Master Is Doing the Great Work for the Redemption of Mankind Through Mr. Padgett

* Lazarus Confirms That Mr. Padgett’s Spirit Communicators Are Whom They Represent Themselves to Be, and He Relates That Both Mary and Martha, His Sisters, Are Living Together in the Celestial Heavens

* Elizabeth, the Cousin of Jesus’ Mother, Mary, Confirms That Mr. Padgett Has Obtained Much of the Divine Love. She Also Explains What the “Second Coming” of Jesus Really Means

* Mrs. Padgett Confirms That Elizabeth Wrote the Preceding Message

* John Emphasizes the Importance of Mr. Padgett Carrying Forth the Work of Receiving and Disseminating the Truths of Salvation

* Jesus Affirms That His Presented Truths are Easily Understood and Do Not Require a Highly Developed Mind

* Solomon, Former Wise King of the Old Testament, Writes of Mr. James E. Padgett’s Selection by Jesus

* Mrs. Padgett Affirms That Solomon Wrote Through Mr. Padgett



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