Salvation as Soul Transformation

Salvation as Soul Transformation

This page shows how salvation, or becoming at one with God, occurs as soul transformation which is achieved by grace through the new birth.

Every individual has a unique soul which is distinct and separate from anyone else’s soul. Each person’s soul is what its internal qualities make it – which in turn depends on the person’s desires and pursuits. Unless the soul qualities are such as to eliminate the elements of sin and disharmony with God’s Law, that soul will remain separated from the Divine Nature of the Father.

To make a person a new creature in his soul qualities so that they become like God the Father cannot be accomplished by the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus, as is commonly taught. Accepting in faith that Jesus’ sacrifice paid the penalty of our sins, appeased an “angry God” and reconciled us to the Father cannot by itself eradicate sins and depravity from the soul. Neither can this belief change the condition of the soul, cleansing it from sin.

Soul transformation is only accomplished by the Divine Love which the Father is anxious to bestow on the person seeking it. This is a progression over time and occurs only with the person’s involvement and cooperation. There is no way another person or being can do the work of soul transformation and purification for us. No sacrifice can make the impure pure or take away the penalties brought about by the violation of God’s Laws.

God is love and relationship with God will be formed only when the human soul condition corresponds to that of the Divine Soul. Human soul transformation needs to take place and the soul become filled or permeated with love. This happens when the Divine Love is received. Then and only then, the person is reconciled with God and begins to partake of the Divine Essence.

This reconciliation can occur through the New Birth, which is not achieved through human effort but by the working of the Holy Spirit. Yet the person’s cooperation and effort are required in this soul transformation or spiritual renewal. Firstly, there needs to be a desire to receive the Divine Love – the soul needs to be open to the Love’s inflowing which happens through the Holy Spirit. The person needs to continue praying for the Holy Spirit and believe that the Father is eager to bestow the Divine Love to them.

By perfecting the natural love, a relatively high level of happiness can be achieved in the spirit world. A vast majority will reach this level, remaining spirits and subject to the changes and conditions that belong to that realm and that may change during the working of God’s Plans. However, a few will undergo the New Birth or soul transformation through the Divine Love, become reconciled with God, and enjoy the superior happiness of such state. They will become divine angels and be like the Father in their nature and substance possessing His Divine Essence and partaking of His Immortality.

Even though the Bible does teach that Jesus died for our sins and implies that he is God, it has to be remembered that the biblical canon was not finalized till almost four centuries after Jesus and his disciples. In that time, much copying, recopying, omissions and additions were made, as well as new strands of thought and dogmas being interpolated. The original writings are no longer available. However, some writings from the first century survive. They were not incorporated into the biblical canon, but show that the early disciples taught many things differently than what was later established through church councils under the Roman Emperor Constantine as orthodox doctrine.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth.

For biblical substantiation of the above teaching, please see Plan of Salvation – Bible as well as Reflection on the Gospels

Here are some insights on life transformation from the inspired writings of Eileen Caddy.

Application of Truths and the Learning/Transformation Process

Every day you can learn something new and wonderful,
but what you do with that lesson is up to you:
you can live it and put it into practice and see how wonderfully it works;
or you can tuck it away into the subconscious
and draw it out at a later date,
but sooner or later you will have to live it —
if not in this life, in the next.

The sooner you put it into practice the better
because with practice comes change:
change of heart, change of outlook, change of attitude,
change of a whole way of life.
You can be transformed as you learn to live and demonstrate that lesson,
whatever it may be.

Unless you allow a very small child to do things for itself:
to feed itself, to walk, to dress itself,
to write, to draw, to express itself,
it will never develop and become independent
and be able to stand on its own feet
and make its own decisions.

You have to stand back and allow it to make mistakes,
to take a long time what it is learning to do.
You have to be very patient and wait and watch
no matter how tempted you are to rush forward
and do it for the child to save time.

How often do I have to stand back
and very lovingly watch you fumbling and struggling with life
so that you can learn a vitally important lesson from it —
a lesson never to be forgotten once it has been mastered.
I have infinite love and patience.

If only you would open your eyes,
you would realize that life is a classroom in a school,
you are learning all the time;
you are absorbing the most wonderful truths
which become part of you;
you will find yourself living and demonstrating them.

It may take time for this to come about,
but sooner or later it will;
it is up to you how soon.
You can learn quickly if you choose,
or you can go off and experiment on your own
and try out your own methods
which may take you far longer.

What you do and how you do it is up to you.
I am there to show you the way,
but you have to take it.
No one else can take it for you,
no one else can live your life for you.

What are you doing with your life?
Are you content to drift through it
doing what you want to,
living the way you want to live,
without a thought for anyone else?
You are free to do this.
Many, many souls live this way
and then wonder why they are so unhappy and discontented.

It is only when you learn to forget the self
and live for others
that you will find real peace of heart and true contentment.

Learn to give and not just take all the time.
Why not give on one level and receive on another?
Life is a two-way thing, a constant giving and receiving.
I keep telling you that you cannot live unto yourself
and find real happiness and satisfaction in life.
Live for the whole and give to the whole and be whole.

From Eileen Caddy, Footprints on the Path, p. 62-64.


Photo Credit: Alex Peck

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