Basking in the Father’s Love

This page elaborates on aspects of God’s divine love in the circumstances of life and shows how each of us, if we so desire, can experience basking in the Father’s Love.

Basking in the Father’s Love

A friend recently wrote in an email: “I hope you are doing well and basking in the Father’s Love.” His wish for me and the poetic expression inspired the following thoughts.

God is love and if we are aware and mindful, we’ll see that we are surrounded by God’s divine love wherever we are and in whatever we do – even in trials and difficulties. Some have put this concept in another way, such as recognizing that we live in a friendly universe.

Gratefulness is a vital quality for perceiving the good and beautiful around us – the love of God that surrounds us, often in intangible ways. Quoting writer Thornton Wilder: “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” The apostle Paul exhorted to give thanks to God in everything (Eph. 5:20; 1 Thess. 5:18). When we walk in an attitude of gratitude, we will be in tune with and perceptive of the Father’s love. We’ll see it expressed through the kindness of people we interact with, the friendly smile of a stranger, the sunlit sky and fresh breeze, beautiful flowers on a roadside bush, birds singing in a tree, the love and affection of our partner, the innocence and sweetness of a child, the welcome home by our pet, delicious dinner, and a myriad of other ways.

As we pray for and receive the divine love in our hearts and souls, we’ll also be communicating it to others. Our positive disposition and love will radiate outwards and influence people around us. We’ll be able to uplift the person who started their morning on the wrong foot, brighten the day of those who feel under the weather, and lighten the load of those carrying heavy burdens. As we go about our tasks on the job, interact with family, friends and neighbors, and are kind to others that cross our paths, we’ll automatically share the love that is in our hearts and souls. And in that process of receiving and giving God’s divine love, we’ll be able to bask in this loving interchange and soak it up like we do the warm healing rays of the sun. It will be therapeutic to our own souls and bodies, as well as communicating health-giving energy to those in our sphere of influence.

In addition to the above thoughts, I was inspired by my re-discovery of a centuries-old, but classical spiritual text written by Brother Lawrence and entitled Practising the Presence of God (available as a free download). I believe that this man truly had God’s love in his soul and as a result learned to be conscious of God throughout his days working as a kitchen hand and performing other tasks. Whether working or praying, his awareness of God was the same. The love of God and doing God’s will in all his pursuits were his highest aspirations. He continually thought of God, asked for guidance on his activities, and thanked and praised God for his successes. Being asked by what means he had attained such a habitual sense of God, Brother Lawrence replied that he had considered God as the end of all his thoughts and desires, as the mark to which they should tend, and in which they should terminate.

May we all become more conscious of walking in the divine love, sensing the Father’s presence and closeness throughout our days, and able to bask in the loving relationship as we go about our various tasks and pursuits.

© Eva Peck, 2015

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