The belief that there is no opportunity for pardon and salvation beyond this life and no way out of hell is a wrong and very destructive doctrine. In reality, probation is never closed for humans or spirits and it never will be. Love of the Father is waiting for all – both on earth and in the spirit world. Even when the opportunity for receiving the Divine Love and entering the Celestial Spheres ceases, the opportunity for spirits to purify their natural love will never cease. Eventually, all who have not become inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres – reserved for those transformed by the Divine Love – will become perfect in their natural love and live in happiness.

The Bible itself shows that the spirits of those who while on earth were unsaved sinners and unreconciled to God had the gospel of salvation preached to them (1 Pet. 3:19-20). Further, Matthew 12:32 implies that forgiveness can come both in this world and the world to come – the spirit world. Hence probation must continue beyond this life.

If a spirit’s soul is out of harmony with God’s laws, that condition places it in one of the hells – which are all places outside of heaven. This place of darkness and suffering is still a place of purification and progression towards Light and ultimately to the heavenly spheres.

If God had decreed that a sinner who dies in their sins forever remains in that state without recourse, He would be working against His own laws of harmony. Harmony and disharmony cannot co-exist for all time – there is suffering and unhappiness when they do. Therefore sin and error must eventually disappear and purity and righteousness alone must exist. Eventually, through the process of purification in the hell realms, all spirits must and will become reconciled with the Father – either as inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens or as the perfect humans as originally created and pronounced very good in the Spiritual Heavens.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth


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