Divine Love Links and Other Resources

Divine Love Links and Other Resources

This page contains Divine Love links and other resources. It is an abbreviated list of links related to my spiritual thrust and belief in Jesus’ true gospel and the path of Divine Love. There are also some other edifying resources as you scroll down. I do not endorse everything on every website, but believe that they all contain enough truth to warrant including on this page. However, it is up to each reader to determine what resonates with them.

While the above concepts are not commonly believed and taught by Christian ministers, they are found in the New Testament (see Reflections on the Gospels). However, in the development of Christian ideas, as well as in the selecting, copying and editing of the manuscripts in compiling the biblical canon, these truths, believed by the early disciples of Jesus, have been somewhat lost among other threads and concepts introduced later.

The gospel which Jesus taught and the early disciples accepted and disseminated is dealt with on the following websites, among others.

For a complete list including YouTube ministries, podcasts, Facebook groups and pages, Divine Love authors, groups to pray with, as well as translations into Spanish, French, German, and Norwegian, please download the latest Divine Love Resource Guide-1-2024.


True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Vol I, II, III, IV – Rev. Geoff Cutler
Judas of Kerioth – Rev. Geoff Cutler (Contemporary messages)

Groups / Organizations

www.fcdt.org – Foundation Church of Divine Truth (FCDT)

www.angelicmessages.org  – Angelic Messages to All – Contemporary messages from the Celestials. (Rev. Carolyn Stokes and Rev. Michael Nedbal, Hawaii, USA)

www.divinelove.org – Foundation Church of the New Birth (FCNB), publisher of the “True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus” series.

http://www.divinelovesanctuary.com – Foundation dedicated to spreading the truth of the Divine Love. (Rev. Al and Rev. Jeanne Fike, Canada)

Helpful Websites

www.new-birth.net – An extensive collection of historical and contemporary material relating to the Divine Love. (Rev. Geoff Cutler, New South Wales, Australia)

http://www.padgettmessages.net/ – Padgett messages in chronological order (Geoff Cutler)

http://thepadgettmessages.org/ – Complete messages as free PDF downloads (Dennis Tormey, California, USA)

www.truthforallpeople.com – A lovely site with Padgett messages, audios, videos and a forum (Ian Nicol, Norway)

http://alansquestfortruth.com/; http://www.jamesepadgett.com/; http://thegenuinejesus.com/; http://www.spiritualismandbeyond.com/;  http://www.themissinghumanlink.com/; http://www.spiritsintheroom.com/; http://www.thenewtestamentofspiritualism.com/– An extensive and creative ministry of intertwining websites and books sharing a personal quest for truth, spiritual experiences, and the Padgett messages (Alan Ross, Thailand)


www.truthforallpeople.com – Ian Nicol’s site

https://board.divinelovesanctuary.com/ – Al and Jeanne Fikes’ DLSF site, Canada

www.dlscr.freeforums.net – James Moncrief


Updated: December 22, 2023