Why Was Mr Padgett Selected for His Work

Why Was Mr Padgett Selected for His Work of Receiving Messages


This mediated message explains why was Mr Padgett selected for his work of receiving messages. A rare and specific combination of gifts and abilities was needed, which he had. He is assured that he will succeed. For related information, go to this page.


Solomon, Former Wise King of the Old Testament, Writes of
Mr. James E. Padgett’s Selection by Jesus


I AM HERE. Solomon.

 I came merely to say that I have listened to your conversation tonight, and was much interested because you have discussed that phase of man’s destiny which is most important in all the Economy or Plans of the Father.

Your being chosen to do this work was not a thing of the moment. For a long period of time, the highest spirits of the Celestial Heavens have considered this great question, and the way by which the great Truths of God and the necessary plans for man’s salvation could be made known to mortals.

Heretofore, the difficulty has been in finding a man gifted with mediumistic powers who had an unbiased mind and, yet, a knowledge of the soul’s requirements to some extent, and who could be used for the purpose of receiving these great Truths and transmitting them to humanity.

Some years ago, as you say, a selection of a man was made to declare these Truths. Much power and spiritual knowledge was given to him, and even that power of leaving the body and visiting the world of spirits that he might see for himself the actual condition of things as they there existed, and to declare to mankind the results of his observations. And he did observe and declare many Truths. But the difficulty in the way of his realizing the pure Truth, and interpreting the things which he saw, was that his mind was too much biased by what he had read and believed from the writings as contained in the Bible. And, hence, his efforts failed to accomplish the great purpose intended by the mission given to him. I am here referring to Emanuel Swedenborg, the seer, as he was called.

This was a great disappointment to these Celestial spirits who had projected such a plan for revealing the Truths to mankind. At the head of these Celestial spirits was Jesus, as he is now. Since that time, the time has never been propitious for a plan of this kind to be attempted again until now.

But, now, instead of having the mortal, through whom this plan is to be worked, leave his body and come to the spirit world, and then relate the results and interpretations of his observations, it has been determined that the Truths shall be declared to the mortal in the words and thoughts of these spirits so that no mistake or wrong interpretations can possibly occur. And, hence, when we saw the possibilities of your becoming a medium with sufficient powers, and a soul capable of development to receive these thoughts and words, it was decided to select you and make you the medium for doing this great work. Of course, Jesus was the active superior spirit in making the selection, and we all submitted to his judgment.

Such is the decree. And now you will understand why you were selected, and the fact that you have been selected.

I have told you this tonight because I have been selected by the others to do so. And, I, as the wise man of old, tell you from a knowledge founded on fact.

So, both of you realize your missions, and strive with all your might to acquire this great faith and soul development which is absolutely necessary to a successful performance of the work.*

We are with you very often trying to incline your thoughts to the higher things, and to fill your souls with their influences which our love for you creates around you.

So, in behalf of all of us who are promoting this great work, I give you our love and blessing.

Your brother in Christ,

SOLOMON, the “Wise” of the Old Testament, and the more than wise of the followers of Christ.


Mrs. Padgett Affirms That Solomon Wrote
and That Jesus Told Her the Same About Why Was Mr Padgett  Selected for His Work


I AM HERE. Helen.

 Well, you have certainly had some wonderful messages tonight.

What Solomon wrote to you is true, for I have heard the Master say the same thing. He has told me that you have been selected because of the reasons Solomon gave. How you must thank the Father for such a favor and blessing!

What a work is yours, and what a responsibility also! But you will not fail, for you will have such help from the Celestial World as will not let you fail.

I will not write more, but will only say that I love you with all my heart.

Your own true and loving HELEN.


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