Free Publications

The following free publications are available for downloading in PDF format as a service to those who are seeking answers to life’s important questions.



Jesus Gospel of God’s Love, featuring the key points of this website is available on Amazon and as a free download at JESUS’ GOSPEL OF GOD’S LOVE.

New Birth – Pathway to the Kingdom of God is available as paperback and Kindle on Amazon and other outlets. Its text in PDF format can be downloaded at  NEW BIRTH – Pathway to the Kingdom of God.

Gospel of God’s Grace and His Kingdom is available as a free PDF at Gospel of God’s Grace and His Kingdom, as well as on Amazon as Kindle and paperback.



The following booklets, some also available on Kindle or in print, are offered as a public service for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking answers to some of the big questions of life. To access the desired PDF, click on the corresponding image.

Additional Booklets

For free PDF downloads, click on the appropriate link.
Nature of Soul and Spirit
Discerning Truth and Divine Guidance
Antidote to Fear and Anxiety – Fear of God 
Spiritual Realities in a Nutshell

Divine Reflections Trilogy

This is a series of three books described here. The books can be downloaded in PDF format as follows:

Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons

Divine Reflections in Natural Phenomena

Divine Reflections in Living Things


Experiencing Divine Love — Conversations on Soul Awakening Series

These conversations come from the Divine Love Sanctuary Facebook group. The group welcomes all faiths, creeds, nationalities, and spiritual beliefs. Members believe that God exists and that every soul in the universe is loved by God. God’s Love is substantive and can be brought into our souls with sincere prayer. This energy is transformative as it purifies and awakens the soul. The group’s focus is to inform and inspire others to pray for the inflowing of God’s Love into their souls. The hope is that those who join the group might share some of their spiritual experiences and/or ask questions about their journey and soul awakening that others may in turn comment on and everyone can learn and be edified.

Presently, four Volumes are available for downloading, as well as a compilation specifically on prayer.

Experiencing Divine Love-1

Experiencing Divine Love-2

Experiencing Divine Love-3

Experiencing Divine Love-4

How to Pray and Experience Divine Love
[Compilation of chapters on the topic from the other Volumes.]


Books and Materials by Others (included with their permission)

Short Readings (PDF)

These articles complement or supplement the pages on this website and deal with a variety of topics. They are also linked to specific web pages.

Humanity and Salvation

Praying for the Divine Love — “Prayer Perfect” Resources

Jesus Christ

Keys to Happiness



Stories of Love in Action

Inspiring stories can be found here.

Picture Texts Files (PDF or JPG)

These are short illustrated texts that can be printed out and even hung up or framed.

PDF Files


Beauty-of-Nature Galleries

Beauty of the Skies

Beautiful Parks and Gardens

Living Creatures