The Impact of Jesus’ Glory

The Impact of Jesus’ Glory


In these messages two witnesses share what was the impact of Jesus’ glory on other spirits, some not even Christians. Jesus’ great love  for James Padgett is again confirmed, as is his mission. For related information on Jesus showing his glory, go to this page pointing to a chronological arrangement of the message on my colleagues website.


White Eagle Was Astonished at the Wonderful Glory of the Master. He Confirms That Spirits Were Awed by the Brightness and Magnificence of His Presence

(Oct. 1 – following first display of Jesus’ glory)


I AM HERE. White Eagle.*

I want to say that you are in a very good condition tonight, and that a great spiritual power has been with you and made you stronger in your physical as well as in your soul condition.

I have not written for a long time and I feel that I must say something. I was present when the Master displayed his glory, and I was so astonished that I could not withstand the glory. It was wonderful! I am now more convinced than ever that Jesus is the true son of the Father.

(Were there other spirits present with you when this occurred?)

Yes, there was a host of spirits present, and many of them not Christians. The effect on them was surprising.  They were awed by the brightness and magnificence of his presence, and I believe that many of them will become Christians.

He is here and wants to be remembered to you. He is with you nearly all the time, watching over and protecting you. He seems to love you so very much. And, since the night of the great transformation, he is proud that you are his charge.

So, you see, we are both glad that we have you for our special care. I am with you nearly all the time, too, and love you very much.

So, think of me sometimes and love me.

Your own true guide, WHITE EAGLE.



John Layton Affirms That All That the Spirits Wrote About the Magnificent Power and Glory of the Master Is True. He Also Declares That This Revelation Marks an Epoch in the Spirit World

(Oct. 1 – following first display of Jesus’ glory)

I AM HERE. John Layton.

I wrote you once before at your office and was interrupted before I could finish.

I merely want to say tonight that all the spirits who have written to you about the magnificent power and glory of the Master is true, and yet not half-told.

The revelation of that night marks an epoch in the spirit world where those who witnessed it live, for it has been told to many spirits in many spheres. And Jesus is now the great center of interest to many spirits who looked upon him before as a mere spirit like themselves.

How wonderful that this display of power should have been made under the circumstances that accompanied it!

Many spirits were present from spheres which are not soul spheres,** and in which believers of other religious faiths live.

You will hear much of this night for some time to come. And the results of the great scene will be felt in many places that never before have heard of, or been interested in, the teachings of the Master.

I will not write more. So, good night.

Your brother in Christ,



* White Eagle is a powerful Indian that belonged to Mr. Padgett’s spiritual band.—Ed.

* * The spirit spheres referred to here (the Second, Fourth and Sixth Spheres) provide principally for mental and moral advancement, whereas, in contrast, the soul spheres (the Third, Fifth and Seventh Spheres) provide predominantly for progress in obtaining the Divine Love.—Ed.


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