Encouragement in Worry and Trials

Encouragement in Worry and Trials


In these messages, several Celestial spirits offer James encouragement in worry and trials, reassuring him that he is dearly beloved and that his needs will be met so he can carry on the spiritual work he was given. For other information re encouragement in worry and trials, click here.


James Confirms That Mr. Padgett Will Soon Get Relief from Worry

 I AM HERE. James.

 When you are weakest, then are you strongest, because, then, you rely more on the Power and Help of the Father.

Such has been your condition tonight. And I want to tell you that you have received a wonderful amount of the Father’s Love, and the love of the Master. This I tell you because I know from what I have actually seen. So, you should not let your worries trouble you so much. Try to think more of the promises of the Master and of the Love of the Father, and you will realize that help is very near you.

We are all here tonight because we are interested in you and want to see you happy, and you should be so. And if you could only know the love that surrounds you, you would cease to worry so much.

The Master has told you that your worries will leave you soon, and you must believe him, for it is true.

I know this, and I can only corroborate what he says. So, you must not continue to let these temporary troubles keep you in such a condition of gloom and despondency.

I will not write more tonight.

Your brother in Christ, JAMES, THE APOSTLE.


Luke Also Gives His Assurance That Relief Will Soon Come to Mr. Padgett

 I AM HERE. Luke.

 I am here, too, and want to assure you that our love is all with you tonight. We are trying to make you feel that you are not forsaken, even though things look very dark and you see very little light. But the light will soon come and, with it, a relief that will make you realize that the Celestial World is with you in love and power.

I see how worried you have been today, and what a condition of helplessness possessed you. But we were with you then, and were trying to help and encourage you with our influence.

I will not write more tonight, but will say I am

Your brother in Christ, LUKE.


John Encourages Mr. Padgett to Open His Heart to the Love of the Celestials

 I AM HERE. John.

 Well, I will say that you are now surrounded by the love and influences of a band of Celestial spirits, all sending to you their best and kindest wishes, as well as their love. I am now trying to make you feel my presence and love; and,  if you will open up your heart, you will realize that you are surrounded by love.

We are many and all anxious that you should feel our presence. And you must pray to the Father more and ask for more faith. You will receive it, and will be correspondingly strengthened.

So, let me say before I close that you are the special care of the Master, and his love for you tonight was something wonderful. He seemed to let all his love center on you, and I do not doubt that you felt its influence.

I will stop now and say that you have my love and blessing.

Your brother in Christ, JOHN.


Barnabas Assures Mr. Padgett That He Will Receive the Father’s Help

 I AM HERE. Barnabas.

Such are the thoughts of men when troubles arise: I can do nothing of myself, but will go to my Father and seek His Aid; and the thoughts are true and the aid is certain!

You are that man tonight. And you will not be disappointed, for you will find relief from your worries and the help that the Father shall bring to you.

The Master is all love, and you seem to be his favorite on earth. You can rest assured that you will not be forsaken.

I tell you this because I know from experience.

I will not write more. I am

Your brother in Christ, BARNABAS, THE APOSTLE.


John Wesley, Founder of Methodism, Affirms That Jesus Will Attend to Mr. Padgett’s Needs

 I AM HERE. John Wesley.

When the Master said, “Feed my sheep,” he not only meant that Peter and those to whom he was talking should feed the spiritual natures of those who should believe on him and try to belong to his fold, but he also intended that their material wants should be taken care of. And, tonight, he is saying the same thing. And, as you are his “sheep” of special care and love, he intends that all the things that are necessary for your well being shall be given to you. So, do not doubt at all, but believe that you will be looked after in all your times of need.

He was so loving to you tonight that we were all somewhat astonished at the great love which we saw going to you, and thought how dear you must be to him. I have never seen him take such interest in any particular person before. And when you realize what his love and powers are, you will be more astonished than were we.

I see what your troubles are. And while they may seem mountains high to you, they are merely temporary and will soon pass away. So, believe in what the Master told you, and pray to the Father for Love and faith.

I will not write more, but will say God bless you.

Your brother in Christ, JOHN WESLEY.


John Garner, Former Preacher of England, Also Gives Encouragement to Mr. Padgett

I AM HERE. John Garner.

Let the worries go and bury themselves.* Turn your thoughts and soul aspirations to God, for these are the eternal things; and those of the world are merely temporary things.

I say this because I know that, if you will only pray to the Father and trust in the Master, you will realize that what I say is the truth, and can be understood and realized by mortals as well as by spirits.

So, my brother, try to look on these worries in that way.

I am with you often, trying to help you and have you feel my influence and love.

I will not write more. GARNER, THE PREACHER.


Mrs. Padgett Refers to the Many Consolatory Messages Mr. Padgett Received

I AM HERE. Helen.

 Well, you have had the most wonderful consolatory messages tonight that I have ever known to be given to any mortal. With what love the Master spoke to you and tried to comfort you! He is a precious savior and you seem so dear to him.

Try to trust him and do as he says.

These others are all Celestial spirits, and are also much interested in you. They want you to get rid of your worries.

You are sleepy and must go to bed.

So, with all my love, I will say good night.

Your own true and loving HELEN.


* Mr. Padgett told Dr. Stone that the causes of his deep concerns were removed soon after he received the above messages of encouragement in worry and trials.—Ed.


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