Limitations of Material Knowledge

No matter how much knowledge of material things and physical laws a person may have acquired on earth, their understanding is not sufficient to deal with the higher things of the spirit life. Many think that because they have great knowledge of the material universe, they need not learn about and apply the laws which control the operations of spirit life, or the laws which influence the development of their soul and determine their position.

This is a mistaken belief, and all humans, sooner or later, will realize the necessity of learning these important laws of the soul and spiritual development. If people never attempt to investigate these higher laws while on earth, when they come into the spirit world, they will be like newborn babes in their understanding. It is therefore advisable for them to study and pay attention especially to laws dealing with the soul’s development and thus progress towards the greatest happiness.

These laws are found to a large extent in the New Testament. However, in parts of the Old Testament are also many suggestions as to how to save one’s soul from death (that is the death that comes with neglecting to exercise the soul qualities that one is capable of exercising during their mortal life). One may let their mind faculties die by neglecting to feed them proper mental food, and the same is the case with the soul. Of course, the soul never dies, as far as is known, in the sense of absolute destruction and disintegration. It can, however, get into such a state of inertia or lethargy that, as far as being involved in human activities, it may as well be dead.

This doesn’t mean that the neglect to exercise the soul faculties will cause a person’s soul to remain dead forever. Sooner or later, either in the mortal life or in the spirit life, this soul will have an awakening, but this may be delayed for many years, and even centuries. In the worst case, the soul may never have an awakening. So if humans study and apply the spiritual laws while on earth, when they come to be spirits, they will find that to be a great advantage to their progression and happiness.


Reference: True Gospel Revealed anew by Jesus, Vol II, edited by Geoff Cutler, p.61.

Photo Credit: Herman Hooyshuur


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