Prayer and Prophecy

Prayer and prophecy are two powerful and interrelated spiritual tools. In light of quantum physics, prophecy is better regarded as possible outcomes of our collective actions, rather than predestined specific events. The possibilities depend on the conditions of the time.

In other words, prophecies are glimpses into the consequences of present collective choices rather than inevitable forecasts for a future time. Evidence shows that the choice of many people focused in a specific manner has a direct and measurable effect on our quality of life. This too is explainable through quantum physics. Prayer and prophecy work together. Mass prayer and meditation is a powerful technology for change and has had a powerful effect on seemingly inevitable negative outcomes.

The ancients have preserved a powerful technology of prayer, hidden deep within our collective memories, based on feeling each day the joy of new life and lasting love, as well as conditions that take joy away from us. Prayer is the language to express our dreams, making them reality. We can also make our choices intuitively. This inner science can empower us to transcend the destructive future prophecies and bring about a new era of peace, unity and global cooperation.

The quantum view of prayer and prophecy presents hope. Rather than creating reality, we create conditions into which we attract future outcomes already established in the focus of the present. This is both an individual and group process. We create our world together and determine how prophecy is fulfilled. Predictions only offer possibilities or probability of a range of events and can be altered through the power of prayer.

According to quantum physics, two atoms can exist in the same place at the same time. In the same way, two outcomes can do that as well. These are “overlays” and our prayers can bring the better outcome into reality, averting a potential disaster.

By changing our focus / attention through meditation and/or prayer, we bring a new course of events into focus and release what no longer serves us (e.g., the way of war).

Times We Live In

We live in a time of unprecedented cosmic events – including in 1997 a major explosion surpassed in magnitude only by the “Big Bang”, subsequently followed by others; two comets slamming into the sun resulting in a massive coronal mass ejection, which can disturb the earth magnetic field knocking out power and communication over a large area; great temperature rises unseen for 6,000 years and resulting in Antarctic ice melt; and significant shift of the earth magnetic North Pole.

In addition, millions have been killed in the various conflicts and civil wars around the earth as well as in natural disasters. The global economy is drowning in debt and is not sustainable in the long term. Neither is the ruthless exploitation of nature.  Greed reigns supreme over responsible use of and earth’s resources. And we live in a time of fragile peace with a stockpile of nuclear weapons enough to destroy humanity several times over.

Many of the indigenous peoples as well as the ancient Essenes understood the significance of these happenings, seeing them as the beginning of another time cycle of change that occurs every five millennia or so. According to the Maya and their calendar, time is a system of intermeshing periods or cycles, including those of 5200 years. The last such cycle ended in 2012. Each cycle has unique traits. At the transition between ages, there is a time of tribulation and purification with the occurrence of destructive events. For our age, the breakdown of global infrastructures is predicted.

We can’t make sense of much of today’s situation because knowledge has been lost 1700 years ago at the time of Constantine. At the Nicene Council, a large amount of knowledge was rejected and relegated to private or esoteric collections or branded heresy. This included the wisdom of the Essenes, the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is at the foundation of most spirit traditions. Yet it has only become available to us very recently. The scroll texts differ from the Bible texts because considerable editing took place of the texts passed down to us.

Oneness and Unlimited Possibilities

The Essenes believed among other things in the power of prayer, spent time in nature, and practiced vegetarianism (seeing meat as eating dead food as opposed to what is alive in the plant kingdom). They saw a holistic relationship between humans and the earth and interconnection with all things. According to the Gospel of Thomas, within every person live all possibilities of experience. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions will be mirrored on the outside of us and in the world. Our inner and outer world mirror each other and we thus create our own experiences. Our experiences are holographic – each part contains the whole.

We are now beginning to understand that we are at one with the earth. External events mirror our beliefs and collective spiritual state as a feedback mechanism. Earthquake, volcanic eruptions and violent weather can be seen as a reflection of the great changes within human consciousness. The present time of great changes provides opportunities for our own growth. Once we realize the existence of this feedback mechanism, an awakening occurs to new possibilities and greater choices in our lives, with the potential of healing. Therefore with a shift of consciousness to promote compassion and peace, it may be possible to end the pain and suffering in the world and promote gentle weather patterns, healing in our societies, and peace between nations.


Ideas adapted from Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect, Chapters 1-3.

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