Second Death

The only way to obtain salvation and redemption from the condition of sin is through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit imparts the Divine Love into a person’s soul in response to sincere prayer in faith resulting from the soul’s longings. The Divine Love is available to all humans for the asking irrespective of race or position in life. Jesus taught this message of salvation while he was on earth. After that he and other spirits have continued to influence humans from the spirit world. Many have responded to these impressions and experienced the in-flowing of the Divine Love – sometimes without being fully conscious of it or understanding it.

However, all have been given free will and need to choose to become receptive to and act on this truth. Many are deceived and blinded by various dogmas and creeds, and refuse to listen and consider that there may be more to what they have been taught. Being free to choose, they are not compelled in any way to receive the great gift of the Divine Love. As a result of their unwillingness to accept this gift, the majority will not receive it and eventually suffer the “second death”.  This will take place at a future time, when the opportunity to receive the Divine Love and redemption will cease.

The second death is not cessation of existence or annihilation, and neither is it a state of eternal punishment. It will be the same as what was experienced by the first parents when they “died” in the sense of being deprived of the potential to receive the divine nature and immortality. In other words, those who will meet the second death will have forfeited the chance to become divine and immortal and to gain access to the Celestial Spheres of the Kingdom of God.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth, Chapter 9.