Divine Love Universality

This page deals with Divine Love universality — how the Divine Love, emanating from God whose nature is pure Love, works throughout the universe and is available to humans and spirits who desire it and yearn for it.

God is Love and the Divine Love is the greatest power in the universe and the chief source of harmony and happiness. It pervades the Celestial Kingdom, where all the inhabitants possess this Love. Jesus is the supreme ruler in that Kingdom, for he has the greatest amount of the Love and is closest to the Father. However, he rules by love and service (as he taught his disciples when on earth) and in no way by force and coercion. The spirits under him willingly follow and obey him out of love. The amount of Divine Love each spirit possesses determines their position in the Kingdom.

The Divine Love pervades all the other realms and influences, even unconsciously. Those in the spirit world and on the earth who do not possess It are influenced by It. On earth, it makes those who are in tune with It think and do that which makes for peace and good will among humans. Many of the unenlightened who have never heard Jesus’ teachings or know the Father enjoy the benefits of the Love through a belief or faith in an overshadowing spirit of great power and watchfulness. The Bible also confirms the ubiquity of the Holy Spirit (Psalm 139:7-12).

While the Divine Love is a constant influence, it is not received in sufficient amount by the majority of people for them to realize that God is their Father and that they are His children who may become members of His household in the Celestial Spheres. No one can receive this Love unless they have faith in the Father’s willingness to bestow It, and truly and earnestly pray for it. However, it is possible for a person who doesn’t intellectually know of the Divine Love to possess It in their soul, even though they may have wrong beliefs. This is because of the soul yearnings to God of which the mind is unaware. Even Jesus as a child received small amounts of the Divine Love in his soul of which he only became aware later.

Being aware of the Divine Love has the benefit of consciously and regularly praying for it and also be able to share Jesus’ gospel of the Divine Love with others as appropriate.

Only when a person possesses the Divine Love in their soul can they be changed from a natural man into one with divine nature, or a divine angel. They however cannot and will never become a god and equal to the Father in any of His powers or attributes. But the Love will make them like the Father in love, happiness and harmony. The Divine Love has the power to change and purify the heart of the most hardened sinner into a true child of God – if they only repent and seek for it through faith and prayer.


Reference: The Gospel of God’s Love

Photo Credit: Roger Kirby


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