Evil Spirits

There are no specially created angels, some of whom rebelled against God and were cast from heaven to hell. Angels in the New Testament refer to the deceased whose spirits are now in the spirit world. Evil spirits also exist, but they are spirits of humans who had lived evil lives on earth and carried their wickedness into the spirit world.

Humans cannot be possessed of demons in the way that the Bible describes. However, through the Law of Attraction and susceptibility of humans to spirit influence, evil spirits of the deceased can obsess those now living. This obsession can become so strong that the human may lose all power to resist this wicked spirit influence and feel compelled to act out of harmony with their nature. They may display mind distortion as well as loss of will power. This type of obsession still occurs as the same laws are operating.

By the same token, those with the inflowing Holy Spirit (Divine Love), who are rich in faith that such work is possible, can cast out the evil spirits. Also, the so called miracles that Jesus and his disciples performed are still possible, as the same laws continue to operate. With the Love in their soul and prayer of faith, God will give them the power to heal and cast out evil spirits, as did their predecessors.

Preachers and teachers often speak from their minds and intellect, based on what they have been taught, but their heart and soul disagree. There is then travail in the soul at the conflict between the mental bondage of the intellectual belief and the freedom of the soul sense. Conflict and mental doubts, as opposed to faith, prevent the Divine Love in the soul to shine forth and produce the intended results, including the feeling of joy and happiness. There is a continuous struggle between the mental conditions and soul consciousness. This will go on until mental beliefs are brought into harmony with the soul’s condition. The desired outcome is for the mental beliefs to be totally subordinated to or absorbed in the soul’s consciousness of the Father’s Love.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth
Photo: Alex Peck


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