Second Coming

Jesus will not again return to the earth in a material body as many Christians, based on the biblical writings, expect. He is not coming to establish his Kingdom on earth and take unto him those whose names are written in the Book of Life and destroy the rest. Rather, his second coming will be as a still small voice that speaks to every person and tells them that Love is the only thing necessary, and when, upon earnest prayer, it comes into their soul, all sins and hatred and desires for evil will pass away.

There will be no physical and bloody Battle of Armageddon between the Prince of Peace and Satan’s armies, whereby Jesus, coming in mighty power, is expected to in one fell swoop destroy evil and subdue his enemies. The only battle each person is involved in is the battle between sin and righteousness. Each soul must fight its own battle. However, in that fight the Powers of God, by His instruments, which never cease to work, will help that soul overcome the great enemy, sin, which is of man’s creation.

In reality, Jesus has already come, in spirit, and is now in the world working to turn human hearts to God and to teach them the way by which they may become at one with the Father and receive into their souls the Divine Love. He is not coming to earth in any other way. Humankind doesn’t need him as a king with powers and armies of the spirit world in visible form to subdue Satan and the existing evil. Rather, Jesus is already in the world fighting for human salvation, and there is no Satan. The only devils or evil spirits who are trying to influence humans to think and do evil are the spirits of former humans which still retain their sins and wickedness, and the evil that exists in the hearts of men themselves.

As to the prophecies of Daniel and the various other so called end-time, or apocalyptic, prophecies, they have no application to the present condition of the world. Rather, they related only to the times in which they were written or the near future, such as the destruction of the Jerusalem temple and the fall of Jerusalem. The “end of the age” referred to the ending of the Jewish dispensation and not to the end of the physical world.  No man or spirit had the omniscience to foretell what is happening in today’s world, and attempts to apply these prophecies to the present day are without justification and the results of human imaginations that the occurrences fit the prophecies.

Peace will come, but not as a result of any Battle of Armageddon, or any other battle – only through the ongoing individual battles against the sin in the soul. Many spirits are engaged in the great work of disseminating again Jesus’ original message. This is the real second coming of Jesus – and means the second coming of the divine Love and mercy and the privilege of receiving this Love as a way to God’s kingdom, salvation and immortality.

The second coming revelations began about a century ago (1914) and continue through further and ongoing revelation of truth from the Celestial Heavens. In other words, we are now living in the period of the second coming. The core teachings of Jesus about the availability of the Divine Love will not be surpassed, but they in no way limit further revelations of truth that flow between Celestial Spirits and mortals as a greater fulfillment of the second coming.


Reference: True Gospel Revealed anew by Jesus, Vol. 1

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