Law of Prayer

Spiritual laws exist which, if activated, bring about beneficial results. One such law is the Law of Prayer. This page explores how it operates.

The Father hears all sincere prayers, and is bound by His own Law in this regard. He will not turn a deaf ear to any prayer sincerely offered, so somehow a positive outcome will follow such a sincere prayer. What the particular outcome will be we cannot say; but, of necessity, that outcome will be a beneficial one.

The cares and troubles of earth life can be greatly reduced if people would realize that they are first and foremost spiritual beings with great resources at their disposal as children of the Father. They need not depend upon themselves alone, but should ever realize that the Father is always ready to receive their prayers with open arms, and answer them benevolently when petitioned for with great and true yearning. According to the Law of Prayer, which is activated by His children’s prayers, for every sincere and unselfish prayer, God is more than willing to answer it in the best interests of the supplicant.

Most people believe that prayer is a chance kind of endeavor; that is, that some of their prayers may be answered and some may not. However, beyond this thinking is a reality of prayer that would make each prayer offered in love and sincerity one that would be incapable of not being answered. People recognize and accept that they have their part to play in the offering of a prayer, but they usually understand little of the Father’s obligation to answer those prayers in a benevolent fashion.

Some prayers are answered through God’s instrumentalities – the Celestial angels and other good or high spirits – and some are answered directly by the Father Himself. Material prayers are not answered directly by the Father, but He knows that humans have need of these things. But where it comes to spiritually based prayers related to man’s inner, soulful development, this He attends to directly through His response to the yearnings of the soul.


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