Divine Angels

Divine angels live in the Celestial Kingdom ruled by Jesus and are the spirits of mortals who once lived on earth. They were redeemed by the Love of the Father and are partakers of divinity and therefore immortal. They can never die again, and have passed beyond the “second death”.

The angels are now ministering to unredeemed humans and spirits. Having had the experience of physical existence with its accompanying sorrows, as well as that of redemption from their condition of sin and error, they love and can fully understand those they are serving. Even Jesus lived in a physical body, enabling him to understand the frailties, sufferings and longings of mortals. This labor of love towards the unredeemed brings the divine angels joy – especially when they see results.

The Bible mentions other angels who haven’t had the human experience, but they reside in other parts of heaven and are not involved with the work of human salvation. The divine angels in the Celestial Spheres are happy beyond human conception. Though they are not dissatisfied in any way, the Law of Progression works with them so that they continue to long for the higher life and seek for greater abundance of the Divine Love. So there is both perfect happiness and striving to progress to achieve fuller happiness.

While the world is full of false doctrines and beliefs which retard the soul’s progress and keep many from the Light, there are also truths scattered throughout the various teachings which show the way to the Kingdom of God. Those who understand God’s Love and Jesus’ teachings can grasp the real Truth of redemption once they learn it. A time is coming when the Truth will be universally taught, humanity will live in happiness and the Kingdom of Heaven will exist on earth. The opportunity for redemption through the Divine Love will then be much easier to make use of.


Photo Credit: Bob Smith


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth