Encouragement to Pray for Faith

Encouragement to Pray for Faith

Jesus Shows His Regal Power


In this mediated message Jesus gives James Padgett encouragement to pray for faith. He reassures James that he indeed had been given a special calling and with faith will accomplish great things. For related information, go to this page.


Jesus Discusses the Wonderful Power That May Come to Mr. Padgett if He Will Only Have Sufficient Faith


I AM HERE. Jesus.

 I am glad that you are so much better tonight, and that your thoughts are turned to the highest things of which I so much want to write you.

John has told you truly of the faith which you must seek to obtain, and which you may obtain if you will only pray to the Father with all earnestness and confidence. Elijah’s faith is no different and no greater than what you may obtain if you will come close to the Father by prayer, as he did. The Father is as much your Father as He was his, and your mission is a greater one than was his.

I am the Jesus who is the true son of God, and am closer to Him than is any other spirit, and know the extent of His Love and Power to a greater degree than does any other spirit. And I tell you, with the authority that my love and knowledge give me, that you may obtain a faith that will enable you to perform greater wonders than did Elijah.

Trust me implicitly and your faith will grow so strong that your freedom from worries and cares will come to you as the sunlight breaks from behind dark and threatening clouds and bathes the whole landscape in light and beauty.

You must soon, now, resume my message taking, and attune your soul to the influences which I will bring to you.

(But, in my unworthiness, I shall need so much help.)

Well, you will receive help, as I have promised, and you must not doubt me longer. I know that you consider your unworthiness as the great stumbling block to the performance of my work. But if I say that you are worthy, you have no right to say otherwise, or to feel that I am mistaken in choosing you, or that you are being deceived in this communication!

I am Jesus, the chief of the Heavenly World which my Father has given me, and there is none to gainsay or prevent what I do or determine to do. This you must believe, and on that belief guide all your acts.

So, forever hereafter, know that I have chosen you for my disciple of this New Revelation.

But with the acquiring of this faith, also acquire more of the Divine Love of the Father. For this is the Great Power which will develop you into the disciple that I intend you to be.


With all my love and my blessings, I am

Your brother and friend, JESUS.




Follow-up message to the above on that gives Mr. Padgett encouragement to pray for faith


Mrs. Padgett Describes the Regal Power and Authority That Jesus Displayed While Writing Through Mr. Padgett


I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, sweetheart, now you must be satisfied beyond all doubt that you are the chosen one of the Master to do his work!

It was Jesus who was writing to you, and never before have I seen him with such a royal and authoritative expression on his face. It must have been just such a look as he had when, before the tomb of Lazarus, he said, “Lazarus come forth!” Power and determination were in his words and stamped on his face, and we who are here never before felt the wonderful authority which he has. Always before were only love and humility and grace. But when he told you what he did, everything seemed to be subordinated to this regal power and authority which he showed forth.

I never before had seen this phase of his attributes, and we all felt that we were standing in the presence of—if not God—then of the mightiest personage in all God’s Universe.

I can well imagine that his wrath, should he ever have occasion to show it, would be terrible and withering!

So, my dear, you must no longer doubt or hesitate as to what your work is to be, or as to what great power you will have in back of you in doing his work.

I am simply awe-struck tonight and can write no more now!

So, with all my love, I am Your own true and loving HELEN.



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