Others Affirm Revelation of Truths through Padgett

Others Affirm Revelation of Higher Truths through Padgett


In these two messages others affirm revelation of higher truths through Padgett. This information is essential for salvation and needed by humanity at this time. For related information go to this page. 


Daniel Webster Affirms That Jesus and Spirits of the Higher Spheres Are Revealing
the Great Truths of the Father Through Mr. Padgett


I AM HERE. Daniel Webster.

Let me say a word while you are writing, as I am also interested in your great work and in the efforts that are now being made by the spirit powers of the higher spheres to bring the great Truths of the Father to earth, which Jesus shall write to you.

You do not yet appreciate the great importance of this work, or of the Truths that shall be taught. But, as you proceed in your work, you will see what a wonderful thing this great effort of the Master is. I am one who is trying to help forward this movement, and, in doing so, I feel that I am doing the greatest service to mankind that all the Universe of God affords me to do.

I have not so much of the Divine Love of the Father in my soul, but I know that It is the one absolutely necessary thing that men must possess in order to get an entrance into the Kingdom of God, and to obtain the great happiness which the Father has made possible for man to receive.

You certainly have had imposed upon you a work of great responsibility, and one that will call for the exercise of all your physical powers as well as your mental and moral endowments. So, you see, it is a matter that must be received and considered most seriously by you. And you must not let anything interfere with the successful performance of this great and wonderful work.

At this time, and more than at any time since the presence of Jesus on earth in the material body, mankind needs the Truth to be presented to it in such a way that all superstition and blind faith will be eliminated from the minds and consciousness of mortals.

I can hardly realize that the Truth can be presented in this way with the success that the Master says will follow the efforts of those engaged in declaring and spreading these Truths. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to do one of the greatest services to your fellowman. Just think, in the results of the workings of these Truths, they embrace not only man’s welfare on earth but also his happiness and immortality in the great eternity.

I could write more tonight, but I will not longer trespass on your time or strength. I hope, though, that I may have the opportunity to come at some future time to disclose some of the knowledge that I have concerning these Truths, and the importance that they are to mankind.

I live in the First Celestial Sphere where Jefferson and Washington are, and many others of the old patriots of revolutionary and later days. I will subscribe myself,

Your obedient servant and brother in Christ, DAN’L WEBSTER.


A Confirmation by Mark That the Master Is Doing the Great Work
for the Redemption of Mankind Through Mr. Padgett


I AM HERE. Mark of the New Testament.

I must add my testimony to the others who have preceded me as to the fact that the Master is now doing a great work for the redemption of mankind and that, through you, he is going to transmit his great spiritual Truths to sinful man.

I will not write much tonight, but will say that, in the future, I will communicate my thoughts, which are the creatures of knowledge and experience in the Celestial Spheres of Christ’s Kingdom.

Good night, and may God keep you in His Love and Care forevermore.

MARK, the writer of the second Gospel, originally true as written, but now full of errors.


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