My spiritual journey has taken me, in my latter teenage years, from atheism to Christianity.  For several decades, I diligently studied the Bible and the literature of the church I was led to at the time. This was not a mainstream church but its Christian theology and Scriptural interpretation made sense to me at the time, and much of it still does.

With time, when I reached middle age, I was exposed to teachings of other Protestant denominations and even the Catholics. My theological views got broader and less rigid, and I became convinced that no one denomination can claim to present the whole truth and nothing but the truth. From this realization came a book that my husband and I co-authored, entitled Pathway to Life through the Holy Scriptures. This book presents in a concise and systematic way the key teachings of Christianity. Organized under twelve themes and 36 chapters, the book answers three key questions about each main belief. Where there is more than one interpretation, the book presents several alternatives. All conclusions are backed by biblical references.

With further progression of time, my journey has taken me to a yet broader spirituality, getting insights from other faith traditions. In addition, more and more books are showing how science, specifically quantum physics, is beginning to meet and shake hands with spirituality. I see emerging a truly integrated and indeed universal spirituality, which speaks to my heart.

A year ago, I reconnected for a short time with an offshoot of the church that I became a part of in my impressionable teenage and young adult years. At that time, one of the members gave me a book that intrigued him by its common sense and plausibility. Its title is Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia. Even though the material was transmitted to the writer via channeling, it truly makes sense.

One thing led to another, and internet research led me to The Foundation Church of Divine Truth, which has published several volumes of what to me are inspired messages received over a period of time by two men in the last century. Now I know that Christians, including myself, have been warned to stay away from anything of this nature. However, one cannot deny authentic messages from another realm having been received by saints and sages in various parts of the world throughout time. They came through visions, dreams, automatic writing or other forms of inspiration. The Bible itself contains many such experiences and messages, including those of the Old Testament prophets. Many of the Bible writers spoke by inspiration from beyond. The message of the Koran was received in a supernatural way as were other writings recognized as sacred.

The key at all times when exposed to any information is to “test the spirits” as the Bible exhorts (1 John 4:1). This principle really applies to all data, whatever its source. I have learned that often more truth is found on the fringes in alternative sources than in what is presented through the official or mainstream channels – be it media, books, educational institutions, or simply established beliefs. Old paradigms are hard to change and new discoveries, insights or revelations are not always welcome. It may take years, indeed decades, for some knowledge, albeit true, to be accepted and universally taught.

This section then examines aspects of commonly accepted Christian theological beliefs and presents alternate views, based on the above-mentioned source. Of course, as with anything, readers should evaluate what they read and decide for themselves whether or not it makes sense to them. We are all different and different things speak to each of our hearts.


Photo Credit: MacKenzie Day