Peter Confirms Jesus Selected Padgett for Special Work

Peter Confirms Jesus Selected Padgett for Special Work


In this mediated message Peter confirms Jesus selected Padgett as His special instrument. He shares his own experience of doubt while on earth and encourages Padgett to stop doubting, to pray for faith and to remember that he is much loved and well supported from the Celestial spirits. For related information, go to this page.


A Confirmation by Peter

I AM HERE. Peter, the Apostle.

I come for the same reason that Andrew came. I want to add my testimony to his that you are the true selection of the Master to do his work, and that he is with you very often, writing to you and bestowing upon you his love and blessings. You must believe and let not doubt enter your mind, or let it keep you from fully believing, that the Master is your friend and brother, and that he is with you in your times of worry and gloom.

I am a spirit who once, when on earth, had great doubts as to the Master’s sacred mission, and as to his being the true son of the Father. But these doubts left me when I saw the greatness of his person and the wonderful Love of the Father which possessed him. You will remember that I even denied him—that is, that I did not know him as a mere man—and what anguish and suffering that denial gave me! So, you must not doubt or deny him.

I know now beyond all question of doubt that he is the true Master and the true son of God, and the only one in all God’s Universe who has the Divine Love of the Father to such an extent as to make him almost like the Father in Goodness and Wisdom. He is your friend and savior, and even more is he your brother and companion in this great work which he is doing for the salvation of mankind.

I, Peter, tell you this. And I tell you this with all the authority and faith and even greater knowledge than I had when I declared him to be the only and true divine son of God, and you must believe what I say.

So, let no more doubt or fear persuade you that you are not the Master’s instrument, selected by him and confirmed by his love and grace to do this great work, for you have been so chosen. I, Peter, declare it, and I know what I declare; and I say it with all the authority that knowledge gives me!

All the followers of the Master are interested in this work and in you. And we are now forming our band which shall guide and instruct you in all these Truths which only we of the higher heavens know.

I do not mean that we will supersede your present band, but rather that we will work in conjunction with them. You will receive many messages from us as time goes on, and you will believe that we write them to you.

You have more power of the spirit world being exercised in your behalf than has any other mortal. And, with the exercise of this power, there will come to you a power that no mortal has ever had since the days when we lived on earth.

So, you must have more faith; and, to get it, you must pray to the Father more and more.

I have written enough for tonight and must stop.

But let me again insist that you pray to the Father and ask for more faith. I am

Your brother and friend, PETER.


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