How Divine Love Works

This page deals with how the Divine Love is imparted and works in an individual who prays or longs for it at their soul level. Imparted by the Holy Spirit, God’s Love is an agent of soul transformation.

How the Divine Love Works

The Divine Love is imparted in response to earnest prayer from the seeker who desires it not just intellectually, but at the soul level. Mental desire leads only to the purification of the natural love, but not the transformation of the soul. The longings of the soul come from the realization that this Love is available and waiting, and that the soul must become active and earnest in its endeavour to receive this Love and be transformed. Church rituals and sacraments may not arouse these soul longings if they only work at the mental level.

As a result of prayer for the Divine Love, the soul opens and its perception enlarges, causing it to align with the conditions that accompany the Love. It is then easy for the Love, through the Holy Spirit, to enter the soul. With ongoing sincere prayer comes the faith and realization of the Love in the soul and unity with God. Increasing faith will banish doubts and promote trust in the love and goodness of the Father.

The Love starts changing the soul in appearance and qualities till the soul is totally transformed – its natural qualities and the Divine Love become united. Eventually, as time goes on, the whole soul will consist of divine essence and the individual becomes a divine angel. To the extent that the Love occupies the soul, sin and error cannot coexist. Remnants of sin and soul encrustations can only occupy those parts of the soul which are devoid of the Divine Love.

Once the Divine Love has entered and started transforming the soul, this process will never be reversed – the soul will never return to its natural self. However, the consciousness of the Love may be lost if the person reverts to worldly desires and evil deeds. Also, soul development will cease, and sin and error may again become the dominant aspects of the person’s life and being. Despite this, a soul cannot be lost, though its awakening and development would be greatly delayed. Much suffering and darkness may also have to be endured by such soul.

A soul can be lost, but not in the sense of becoming separated from the physical or spirit body. It happens by disobedience and refusing to ask for the Divine Love. Such soul will remain separated from the Father. Only those who ask and receive the Love in their soul become saved and will inhabit God’s Celestial Kingdom where everything consists of divine essence and nature.

As a result of the Divine Love comes the understanding of the moral precepts of brotherly love and the Father’s Oneness. Those who have the Love can fulfil the two love commandments – loving God and neighbour – without effort or sacrifice. This is because the Love works its own fulfilment, naturally flowing out to others in goodwill and beneficence. It replaces the evil human qualities such as envy, hatred, strife and jealousy with joy, peace and happiness.

The Divine Love is available to all who seek it, but is imparted only as a result of sincere prayer of a longing soul. It is not given by right, merit or compulsion, and not earned by moral living or good deeds (though good thoughts and kind deeds do bring happiness and peace).

The Divine Love is greater than faith and hope which are human qualities and means. By contrast, the Love is the substance of God and the end or fulfilment of faith and hope.

The Divine Love is distinct from natural love, which has been defiled by sin and which God can help humans to purify if they ask. The Divine Love comes from without and needs to be sought – it is not developed from within. It is individually acquired, but all who seek it will receive it – there is no respect of persons with God.

The Divine Love is the life of the Celestial Heavens and the only key that unlocks the doors of this sphere. All other kinds of love are absorbed and superseded by the Divine Love, which is the essence of the divine and all who possess it are divine angels. The Love is the greatest thing in the universe for from it flows everything that brings peace and happiness.

Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth

Photo Credit: Sanja Gjenero

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