Divinely Led

This is a Contents page of an upcoming book or website section entitled Divinely Led. It will be progressively linked to pages with text showing divine leading and guidance throughout my life.



Part 1:  Growing up in a Communist Society  

Childhood and Basic Education

A Turning Point

Life in Sweden

Part 2:  Maturing in Australia

Finishing High School

God Begins to Work

A Love Story

Part 3:  Life and Work in the USA

Study and Volunteer Work

Job Changes, Lessons, and Our Own Home

Church Congregations and Travel to Spiritual Retreats / Conventions

Way Paved for Czech Republic

Part 4:  Back to Europe

The Miracle of the Smrzov House

Arrival in Smrzov and Assimilation

University Jobs – Favor Given

Teaching Experiences

Submission to Publishers of Book Ideas – Several Accepted

Writing Opportunities


SDA Connection

Acceptance to Avondale College

Special People

A Short Chapter in Liberec

Mum Dies – Which Leads Us Back to Australia

Part 5:  Returning to Australia

Reconnecting with Family – Then On To Asia


Saudi Arabia

Part 6:  Settling in Australia for Good


Rebuilding Relationship with Dad

Books and Websites

Study Opportunities

Our Homes

Our Pets

Church Experiences

Part 7: After Dad’s Passing

Special Events before Funeral

Taking Care of Dad’s Estate

Door Opens to Renaissance Retirement Village

Part 8:  Reflections and Life Lessons



For other information on divine leading, see Spirit Helpers and Guides

Here is a short reflection on being divinely led.

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