Reaching Our Potential

This article discusses how we as humans can reach our God-given potential.

Humans are a special creation of God made in certain aspects in the image of God. However, nothing in man is inherently divine. All creation is distinct and separate from God, though everything exists in and is sustained by the Spirit and energy of God. Human qualities of love, wisdom and intellect resemble divine qualities, but are not a part of God’s essence. Humanity is as distinct from God as animals are distinct from man. At their highest, of and by themselves, humans can only reach the perfection that the first parents had at creation. They can be supremely happy in this condition, but cannot go beyond the limits of their existence in the qualities of love, intellect, etc.

However, humans have the opportunity and potential to become partakers of the divine nature and essence if they follow a preordained path. For this transformation from human to divine to take place, man has to receive something from without – as there is no divinity within than can be developed. Only when a person takes on divine nature and becomes absorbed in the essence of the Father does he or she become like the Father – the divine image becomes divine substance. Then there will be no limits to love, happiness and intellectual development. The soul becomes a new creature, now having the essence of the Father. Only when this new creation and transformation have taken place and the soul is at one with the Father, can a person enter into the Kingdom of Heaven – now no longer human, but divine angel.

This transformation is only accomplished by the new birth, which is the inflowing of the Divine Love of the Father into the soul of man. The love contains the essence of divinity and is the only way to affect the transformation of the soul so that man becomes fit for the Celestial Heaven. Nothing else, including belief in creeds, kind deeds, and endless sacrifices will change the soul of man into the soul of divine angel.


Reference: New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth


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