Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons

5-Thornlands-06Jun09 014Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons aims to inspire a fresh look at the physical world and life around us – to see each sunrise, sunset, moon phase, season change, and even the passage of time itself in a new way. The writer of Psalm 19 and other biblical authors point us to the natural world to perceive divine glories. For those who pause and take time to see and ponder, there is a continuous, abundant, and universal revelation of God. The divine nature is perceivable in the starry heavens, as well as in life on the earth. The physical creation is a divine vehicle to demonstrate in a way we can comprehend, and that transcends all languages, perfect love, wisdom, power, and other divine qualities.

The Psalmist describes the skies as “the work of God’s hands” (19:1). When we see nature as God’s creation, we can infer it is sacred and therefore needs to be respected. With properly esteeming and caring for nature, many man-made environmental problems would not exist – in place of abuse and exploitation of the earth and its resources, there would be a new-found awe, praise, and gratitude. Just as we can always see something of the artist in his or her creative works, we can see a reflection of the Divine in nature. The earth and physical universe speak the praises of God through their beauty, complexity, balance, order, and even through the mind-boggling size of the cosmos.


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Photos: Alex Peck


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