Lazarus Confirms Mr Padgett’s Calling

Lazarus Confirms Mr Padgett’s Calling


In this mediated message, Lazarus confirms Mr Padgett’s calling. He also comments on the status of his sisters in the Celestial Heavens.  For related information go to this page.


Lazarus Confirms That Mr. Padgett’s Spirit Communicators Are Whom They Represent Themselves to Be, and He Relates That Both Mary and Martha, His Sisters, Are Living Together in the Celestial Heavens


I AM HERE. Lazarus.

I merely want to say that I am the real Lazarus of the Bible story. I am an inhabitant of the Father’s Kingdom and am aware of the Truth that exists in that Kingdom and among its inhabitants. And I declare to you that the spirits who have written you the Truths of Celestial and spiritual things are actually whom they represent themselves to be. Jesus, especially, is with you very often and communicates Truths to you from his great storehouse of the knowledge of Truth. He is so much interested in the work to be done and the revelations to be made that he is with you so very often for the purpose not only of revealing these Truths but also of preparing you to receive them. And he is enveloping you in his love and giving to you a development of your soul faculties that will make you qualified to receive these high Truths as no other mortal has ever been qualified. For he knows that you are his best qualified instrument on earth now to do his work and the work of the Father.

From what I say, you must not suppose that you are the best man or the man having the greatest amount of the Divine Love in your soul, for that is not true. Nor are you chosen because of any merits of your own, or because of superior mental endowment. But you have those conditions of attunement with him that enable him and the other spirits to use you in performing this work.

I am not of such exalted position or soul development as are many of the spirits who write to you. Yet, I know the plans of the Master and what I say to you is true.

I was a Jew and an orthodox one until the Master came to me and helped me develop my soul so that I could understand his teachings and become susceptible to the inflowing of the Divine Love.

I will not write more now but, in closing, repeat that you must believe what I have said above, and that you must try to do the Will of the Father and the work that you have been selected to do.

(Can you tell me where your sisters now reside?)

Well, both Mary and Martha are in the Celestial Heavens. And you would naturally suppose that Mary has made the greater progress in her soul development, but that is not true. They both live in the same sphere and have similar development. As you know, they have been in the spirit world for a very long time. And whatever spiritual superiority that Mary may have appeared to have had over Martha does not now exist, for they both have Divine Love to a degree that has caused all sin and thoughts for the material to have become eradicated long years ago.

Your wife says that I must not write more now and, so, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ, LAZARUS.


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