How a Person’s Soul May Be Lost

How a Person’s Soul May Be Lost


In this mediated message, Jesus explains how a person’s soul may be lost — either by  neglecting its development through overemphasizing the mind or through practicing sin and evil. He shows that it is a praiseworthy thing to help such a person or spirit and thus save a soulFor related information, go to this page.


The Master Gives Additional Assurance That He Is Jesus.

He Also Refers to a Spirit Who Claimed That He Had Lost His Soul


I AM HERE. Jesus.

(Many people will probably not believe that you truly communicate through me.)

I know that what you say is true, but it is I, Jesus, the man who was crucified on Calvary, who comes to you and writes. These persons who will not believe this fact will someday become convinced.

I am with you, as I have told you, because I have work for you to do, and also because I love you very dearly. So, you must not doubt me in any way. If you do not, you will soon see from my messages, and also from your own spiritual development, that I am the Jesus that I represent myself to be. So, believe in me and you will be happier and prosper in every way. Soon, I want to commence my messages again.

(Will I be in proper condition to receive them?)

Yes, you will soon be in condition, and then we will continue our work.

(How did that spirit who wrote to me recently come to believe that he had actually lost his soul?)

Well, he was so overshadowed by the results of his confining all his thoughts when on earth to his mental development that his soul was permitted and compelled to starve, and, as he now believes, has left him. Of course, he has his soul and only needs an awakening of his spiritual perceptions to realize that fact. But as long as he remains in the mental condition that he is now in, he will never find his soul, as he says. The only thing that will get him out of that condition of mind is an opening of his spiritual nature, and then a belief in the Love of the Father.

Your grandmother is now endeavoring to bring about his awakening and she will succeed, for she is a very wise as well as a highly developed spirit in her soul qualities.

The spirit is not what you might call a wicked one. Only he committed the great error of believing that the mind was everything in existence and, as he said, the soul and all spiritual faculties were myths. Many a spirit is in this condition of mind overshadowing the soul to such a degree as to cause the soul, so far as the knowledge or belief of the spirit is concerned, to be lost. He is not one that will find much difficulty in recovering his soul as soon as the soul faculties are awakened.

The unfortunate spirit is one who knows that he has a soul, and that that soul is filled with sin and error and has no apparent way of becoming cleansed. I know of no spirit more to be pitied, or one who needs more the influence and help of both spirits and mortals.

Let me tell you right here that, when you help a spirit to find the Way to salvation and God’s Love, you are doing the greatest work that God has given any of His creatures to do. And when that spirit, through your help, finds that Way and realizes the Truth and receives this Love, he is forever your most thankful friend and worker in forwarding the interests of your own spiritual being. So, when the Bible says that for every soul saved there is a new star added to the crown of one who is the instrument in saving such a soul, it only declares a Truth which exists and which never changes. So, in your work of helping these poor, sinful and darkened spirits, you are laying up spiritual jewels which, when you come over into the spirit world, will form a part of your soul’s existence.

Of course, there are no jewels as such, but they represent great qualities of happiness and love which the Father will give you. Men do not realize of what momentous importance the saving of a soul is, and what results come to them as such a savior.

I am not going to write more on this subject now, as I will deal with it in my other messages.

So, I will now say good night, and may the Love of the Father be with you and in you this night.

I will give you all my love, and help you to obtain your desires.

Your true brother, JESUS.


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