Christ in You

“Christ in You” – What Does it Mean?

This concept is the true foundation of salvation for the Celestial Heavens, if correctly understood. Many believe that it is only necessary to believe on Jesus as one’s saviour through his sacrificial death and that in so believing, they have Christ in them. They don’t understand the distinction between Jesus, the man, and Christ, the spirit of truth – the spirit that manifests the existence of the Divine Love in the soul.

In reality, Christ is not a man in the sense of being Jesus, the son of the Father. Rather, Christ is that part or quality of Jesus that he acquired after fully receiving into his soul the Divine Love and was transformed into the very Essence of the Father in His Love. Christ is thus the manifestation of this Love as bestowed upon Jesus and made part of his existence. Therefore, the expression of having Christ in you means the presence of the Divine Love of the Father in one’s soul.

The indiscriminate and interchangeable use of the words “Jesus” and “Christ” is the cause of much confusion and misunderstanding. Jesus became the Christ only because he was the first to receive the Divine Love into his soul and manifest its existence. This Love or Christ principle is available to all. The result is that they will become at one with the Father in His Substance of Love and Immortality.

It would be impossible for Jesus, the man, to get into or become a part of any mortal, and the same holds true for Christ as the perfect man free from sin. Rather, the meaning of having Christ in you is to have the Love of the Father in your soul, which can only be obtained through the working of the Holy Spirit as the instrument of the Father. This happens as a result of an earnest heartfelt prayer.


Reference: True Gospel Revealed anew by Jesus, Vol. 1

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