The Cosmos

This section explores the nature of all that exists from the perspective of the cosmos and the physical universe. Since everything is interconnected and interrelated, there is an inevitable overlap with the other sections of this website, specifically Humanity and Divinity.

The perceptions of the cosmos vary among religious traditions with their various cosmologies. Scientists — most of whom are only concerned with the material universe — also differ in their views. However, some feel that there may actually be multiple simultaneous universes or a multiverse. Ultimately, one can conclude that we only understand an infinitesimal part of the ultimate reality.

Lately, science has been finding correspondences with sacred texts and ancient myths. Physics and metaphysics are meeting common ground. Paradigms are shifting as new discoveries are made. Sometimes, unfortunately, not all new evidence, even if convincing, is accepted. Old beliefs and dogmas are hard to give up even if truth is compromised in the process. This is true both in the world of religion and the world of science.

This section explores such issues as the nature of the physical universe and the underlying “spirit mind”. This includes such fascinating concepts as that only about 4% of the known universe is identifiable matter and energy; that there is a field of consciousness (a divine matrix or mind) at the basis of everything; that there is an inherent intelligence in all living and even non-living things; that what appears real and solid, including ourselves, is nothing but energy; that everything is interconnected; that the universe has not only been gradually evolving, but that there have also been cosmic collisions and catastrophes affecting our planet and ancient civilizations; and more. The information presented on this website is based on the author’s wide reading and references are acknowledged as needed. Personal insights and beliefs are also included. So prepare for some fascinating discoveries and even surprises.


Photo Credit: Fergus Currie

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