God’s Love Is Reaching Out to Every Person

God’s Love Is Reaching Out to Every Person


This mediated message declares that God’s Love is reaching out to every person irrespective of their character. It also shows that Mr. Padgett is Jesus’ chosen instrument to bring his truth to humanity in our time. For related pages, go to this page and related articles.


Jesus Declares That the Divine Love Is Reaching Out to Every Man,

and That Mr. Padgett Is the Instrument to Receive His Repeated Gospel


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I wish to write to you about the Love of God and the needs of mankind.

Let your mind be free from all thoughts of evil and sin. The Love of God is reaching out to every man so that the meanest will be the object of His Care. Do not let the thought that He is only loving the good and righteous lead you to think that you must seek the company of these favored ones only. Let the lost and unhappy be the objects of your efforts to show them the Way to the Father.

In receiving our messages, you will have an opportunity to teach all mankind of the Love of God for His children, and that they are the children of His Greatest Care and Love. Be only earnest in your efforts to spread the Truths which I shall teach you in my communications, and you will be a successful laborer in the work which the Father has decreed you to do. Give your best endeavors to the spreading of the messages, and you will not only save the souls of the blinded and lost but also will hasten the coming of the Kingdom in your own life and heart. LET ME COME TO YOU OFTEN, FOR YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENT THAT I WISH TO USE IN MY NEW OR REPEATED GOSPEL OF GLAD TIDINGS TO THE HUMAN RACE. Be true to the trust that I shall impose in you, and let not the cares of the world keep you from spreading my gospel. Come to the Love of God in a more enlarged and truthful meaning, and you will be my true follower. Let me lead you to the Fountainhead of all the Truths of God I have in store for humanity.

My own love and power will guide you and keep you in the way of Light and Truth that you may teach to your fellowman. Your own soul must be purified first, and then you will be able to show others the power and love that I have for them.

You are not to seek the help of other spirits until I teach you the Truths of my Father. He is the only One Who has the Power to save men from their sins and errors. Be true and earnest in your work, and don’t let other things distract your mind or work from the task set before you. THE WORLD NEEDS A NEW AWAKENING. AND THE UNFAITHFUL AND UNBELIEVING MEN WHO THINK THEMSELVES WISE (BUT WHO ARE FOOLISH, AS THEY WILL ULTIMATELY FIND OUT) MUST NOT FILL THEIR SOULS WITH THE MATERIAL THINGS MUCH LONGER OR THEY WILL SUFFER MORE THAN THEY CAN IMAGINE. THE MATERIAL NEEDS OF MANKIND ARE NOT THE ONLY CLOUDS THAT MUST BE LIFTED FROM THEIR SOULS.

You are too weak to write more now.

(But I am willing to receive more of your message.)

Yes, but I am not able to write more now because you are not in condition.

You must stop writing now.



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