Souls, Bodies and Soul Mates

Law of Soulmates

One of the laws of the spirit world is that every human being of one sex has, on earth or in the spirit world, one of the opposite sex who is their soulmate.  The importance of this provision of the Father for the happiness of humans and spirits, has never been fully understood by those who have not met and recognized their soul- mates. Some have claimed affinities with a person of the opposite sex and with such excuse have done much wrong and sin.  But the soulmate is not an affinity which may be suggested by passions or desires, but is one provided by the grace and love of the Father to live with the other soulmate through all eternity.

Before incarnating, they were united as one soul, and when, in accordance with God’s plan, they separated and became mortals, they were no less soulmates, although while living the mortal life, they may not recollect their former unity or relationship.  But these two soulmates, at some time after they become spirits, will learn their true relationship to each other, and if nothing insurmountable intervenes, will come together again in true union and happiness.

The mere fact that two people are husband and wife on earth does not mean that they will live together in that relationship for all eternity. If they are soulmates, they may, but if they are not, they will separate after they enter the spirit world. True soulmate relationship cannot be hidden in the spirit world, and by the same token, no mere earthly husband and wife relationship will suffice to keep the persons together.


Here is a pictorial representation of the origin of the soul, its separation to incarnate as two soulmate individuals, and the existence of the spirit body and physical body with their relation to the soul.

From soul to human


Human being
Soul to Soul Mates



Reference: True Gospel Revealed anew by Jesus, Vol II, P.54, edited by Geoff Cutler

Header photo: Marcos Santos

Illustrations: Used by permission of John Doel of Pascas Health Foundation


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