Andrew Confirms Jesus Selected Padgett for Special Work

Andrew Confirms Jesus Selected Padgett for Special Work


In this mediated message Andrew confirms Jesus selected Padgett for special work of receiving messages of truth and the way to salvation. He exhorts Padgett to stop doubting and cultivate faith that he was specially selected for the task. For related information, go to this page.


A Confirmation by Andrew That Jesus Writes Through Mr. Padgett 

I AM HERE. Andrew, the Apostle.

I am your friend and brother in Christ, and, in that Love, I came because I am interested in the work which you are called upon to do, and because we all love you and want to see you progress in your soul development and in your capacity for receiving the messages of the Master which, as his disciple, he has selected you to receive and transmit to the world.

I am the true Andrew of the Bible and no other, and you must believe that I am. I know that you may have doubts as to so many of the disciples of the Master coming to you to write, but you must not be surprised at that fact. For who are more interested in the great work that you are to do than the disciples of the Master who know that his teachings are the Truth, and that mankind needs them at this time more than at any time in the history of the world?

So, let all your doubts disappear. Believe that we are with you in all our love and desire that you may be happy, and that you may have that soul development that will make you one with us and with the Father, the Creator and Preserver of us all.

(But how can I effectively remove any doubts that I may have?)

Well, you must believe in what we say. I know of no way in which you can become more convinced than by our writing to you. Let no man turn away your faith from us, as no man can truthfully say that we are not writing to you. And, hence, the testimony of such a man is not of that character as to overcome the positive testimony that you receive from us, and all your band, that the Master is actually writing to you. No spirit will be permitted to impersonate the Master or any of us. We are of that higher order of spirits that are all-powerful. And if any spirit should attempt to impose upon you, we would soon compel such spirit to cease its attempt to deceive you, and to leave you in your efforts to seek and learn the Truth.

(Would such spirits be “of the devil,” as they say?)

Yes, and sooner or later they will disclose their “cloven feet.”

(I only hope you won’t think poorly of me for doubting at times.)

Well, we expect that you will doubt at times. But we know that your faith will be so firm after awhile that no doubt will ever enter your mind.

(But it is so difficult to believe that, with my own recognized unworthiness, I should be selected for this awesome work. Who decided that I should be chosen?)

Jesus selected you. And because you are not worthy must not cause you to doubt that he has made such selection. He knows just what is best, and what your qualifications and possibilities are. And it is not for you to say that you are not worthy or not fitted for the work. Let faith in him and in his love and in his promise be established beyond doubt or questioning.

(All I can say is that I am certainly greatly favored.)

Yes, you certainly are favored, and you should appreciate that fact to its highest conception. For I can tell you that you are as much favored in being selected for this work as were any of us when he selected us for his disciples, and I may say even to a greater degree because you are the only one in all the universe that he has chosen to do this great work. And you will find, after awhile, that it is a work of stupendous importance, and involves much labor and exhaustion of both body and mind.

Well, I have written a long letter for my first appearance and I must stop. And, as the most important thing to tell you now, I say believe, and you shall see the Glory of the Father and your own salvation!

I will say with all my heart that I am your true friend and brother, and will pray for you with all my love and faith. So, good night.

Your true brother and friend,



[1] Often, when writing through Mr. Padgett, the Celestial spirits used the word “Saint” to identify themselves. However, John, the Apostle, explained to Mr. Padgett that “Saint” is not used in the Celestial Heavens and, therefore, this title has been eliminated from the present edition.—Ed.


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