Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 13

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with aspects of orthodox Christian doctrines and evaluates them as to their accuracy.  The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


13.  Corrections Made in Orthodox Christian Doctrines



* Jesus Declares That Those Who Worship Him, as They Do in the Churches, Commit Blasphemy

* A Spirit from the Fifth Sphere Emphasizes That Mr. Padgett Must Believe in Jesus as a Savior, but Not  Through the Vicarious Atonement

* Luke Defines Religion as the Relationship and Harmony of Men’s Souls with the Soul of God. He Also Discusses the Difference in the Teachings of Various Churches in Terms of Their Effect Upon Spiritual Development

* John, the Apostle, Comments on the Beliefs of a Preacher

* Ann Rollins Declares That the Blood of Jesus Does Not Save from Sin

* Jesus Denies That He Is God, or That His Blood Washes Away Man’s Sins

* What Should a Man Do Who Is Not Satisfied with Any of the Churches?

* Paul Expresses His Desire to Write What He Knows to Be the Truth, and to Also Correct Errors in His Epistles as Contained in the Bible

* Jerome Cautions That the Truths of God Must Not Be Sought for in His Writings, or Those of the Disciples as Contained in the Bible, Because of the Many Errors in Both Sources

* Augustine Declares That Many of the Teachings of the Bible Cannot be Relied Upon

* John Explains That Not the Blood but the Divine Love Is What Saves and Redeems. He Cautions That “Revelation” of the Bible Is Not to Be Relied Upon as True in Many Particulars

* Jesus Affirms That His Disciples Never Wrote All the False Doctrines in the Bible Attributed to Him

* John Again Denies the Vicarious Atonement. He Also Explains That Spirit Communion Was More Prevalent in His Day than Now, and That if Men Would Have Faith Like the Apostles of Jesus, Healing and So-Called “Miracles” Would Exist Today   **

* Martin Luther, One-Time Monk and Reformer, Recommends a Test to Employ in Trying the Spirits

Mrs. Padgett Explains That the Epistles in the Bible Are Not the Same That the Original Apostles Wrote. She Adds That the Divine Love Mentioned in the Bible Is Not Properly Explained, as Contra-distinguished from the Natural Love

Saul Gives Advice to His People, the Jews

* Luther Declares That the Observance of the Ceremonies Which the Lutheran Church Still Uses in Its Worship Is Not Approved of by God or by Jesus

* Luther Again Denies the Vicarious Atonement. He Also States That the Bible Is Full of Contradictions and Errors

* Luther Denies the Efficacy of the Eucharist to Save Man. He Explains That Jesus Is Living and Teaching and Demonstrating the Divine Love in His Soul, and How Man Can Obtain It, and That This Is the True Way to Salvation

* A Former Preacher Discusses His Beliefs and Denies the “Trinity.”

* Jesus Reaffirms That His Blood Does Not Save Men from Their Sins

* Paul Denies the Efficacy of the Vicarious Atonement. He Emphasizes That God Was Never a God of “Wrath” but Always of Love

* John Declares That Men or Prophets Cannot Tell What Will Happen Centuries Ahead; This Can Only Be Known by the Father

* John Cautions That Man Must Continue to Search for and Find the Truth

* Cornelius, the Centurion, Declares That It is of the Greatest Importance That the Truths of the Way to   Salvation Be Revealed to Mankind

* Jesus Proclaims That Divine Truths Must Be Declared to All Mankind


** Note: The text of this message also appears in Volume 1, Chapter 2, and rather than being republished here, is linked to that chapter.


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