Prophets Cannot Foretell Distant Events

Prophets Cannot Foretell Distant Events


In this mediated message, John informs us that prophets cannot foretell distant events.  Only the Father can do that, though the angels can foresee spiritual outcomes depending on certain conditions. For related information, go to this page.



John Declares That Men or Prophets Cannot Tell What Will Happen Centuries Ahead; This Can Only Be Known by the Father


I AM HERE. John.

I see that you are in a much better condition tonight, and that your soul is more in harmony with the spirits of the higher spheres. We could write now, but your hand and arm are tired, and this is a matter that we always consider. We try not to cause you any unnecessary fatigue.

Other spirits are here tonight, hoping that they might write; but, under the circumstances, they will not. The Master is here also, and says that he will not attempt to write tonight, as he intended, but will soon come and deliver a message.

I am glad that you are feeling so much better spiritually and physically, and I feel that you will continue to do so. So, pray more to the Father and turn your thoughts to spiritual things, and you will find a wonderful happiness that even the worries of your daily life cannot take from you.

(During Old Testament times, is it true that there were some seers or prophets who could foretell what would occur centuries later?)

No, emphatically! And those who believe that there ever lived such mortals are greatly mistaken. The highest of us spirits cannot know or foretell the future in the sense in which the seers and prophets are supposed to have done in those centuries which the Old Testament authors wrote about. No man, whether in the flesh or in the spirit, has the Omniscience of the Father. And to foretell what will happen centuries ahead is a Power that belongs only to the Father.

So, all the attempted application of prophecies, as contained in the Bible, to the happenings or future happenings of the present day are futile and without any justification. Man must depend upon the condition and acts of this day to determine what will happen in the short time that some expect the world to last.

What a position for them to take when we, who live so close to the Father, cannot possibly know!

All this, of course, refers to the material affairs of men in their lives on earth. As to spiritual things, we can tell what the future of each man, or nations of men, will be if certain conditions are observed or not observed.

(What are these conditions?)

Well, I will write to you on this subject when the opportunity presents itself. I will not write more now.

With all my love and the Blessings of the Father, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ, JOHN.



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