True Nature of Jesus

True Nature of Jesus


In these two mediated messages, the true nature of Jesus is revealed — the fact that he is not God to be worshiped and in what way is he our savior.  For related information, go to this page.



Jesus Declares That Those Who Worship Him, as They Do in the Churches, Commit Blasphemy


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I was with you at the church this morning, and I impressed you with my feelings in reference to what the preacher said as to my sacrifice and blood. But instead of calling upon his people to show their gratitude for the sacrifice and the cross, he should have taught them that the sacrifice and the blood do not save them from their sins. In that particular, there is nothing that calls for their gratitude. And to worship me as they do, and as he teaches them to do, is blasphemy, and a more heinous sin than ingratitude.

I was successful in impressing you with my feelings of dissatisfaction, and was glad that I could, for it shows that our rapport is becoming closer. After a while, you will be able to receive my thoughts and inspirations as well as my writings.

You must pray and have faith, and, if you do, you will more often have the experiences that you did last night, which only means a quicker soul development.

Trust me and you will not be disappointed. I will not write more now.

So, with my love and the Father’s Blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend, JESUS.



A Spirit from the Fifth Sphere Emphasizes That Mr. Padgett Must Believe in Jesus as a Savior, but Not Through the Vicarious Atonement


I AM HERE. John B. Carroll.

Go to the Lord. Your strength will be renewed and your soul will receive a wonderful inflowing of the Divine Love so that you will be able to throw aside all worries and earthly cares and be in condition to receive the great Truths that are awaiting you. For you have the greatest spirit in all God’s Universe as your helper and friend.

This I tell you because you need to be sustained, and will be as long as you live the life of a mortal.

I am not one who is known in the annals of the church or in the lives of the “saints” for I never was a saint on earth and neither am I here—but only a lowly follower of the Master who, to me, is the most wonderful of all God’s creatures.

So, you must believe that he is your friend and savior, for he is. And you need not believe in his blood, or his vicarious atonement, or his self-sacrifice either. Only believe in the Divine Love and in the further fact that Jesus is the way shower to all who may seek this great salvation.

I must not write more, for I am not one of the high Celestial spirits, as I live in the Fifth Sphere only. But, nevertheless, I have a very great deal of that Love, and a happiness which I cannot tell you of.

So, with all my love, I will say good night.

Your friend,


a one-time resident of Baltimore, MD.



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