Importance of Truths of Salvation to Be Declared to Mankind

Importance of Truths of Salvation to Be Declared to Mankind


In these mediated messages, Jesus and Cornelius stress the importance of the truths of salvation to be declared to mankind. While the Bible contains basic information that is sufficient for salvation, it also contains many errors that need to be corrected. To this end, James Padgett, through the messages he received and that are in this References section, was time and time again, shown the importance of the truths of salvation to be declared to mankind. For related information, go to this page and this page.



Cornelius, the Centurion, Declares That It is of the Greatest Importance
That the Truths of the Way to Salvation Be Revealed to Mankind


I AM HERE. Cornelius.

 I want to write merely a few lines tonight. I am so very much interested in you and your work that I feel that I should give you some encouragement in the way of letting you know that there are many spirits present here tonight who love you very much, and who desire that you should receive their messages of Love and Truth.

As I have told you, I am in the Celestial Spheres and know what the Love of the Father is and what immortality means, as I am the possessor of the Love and the conscious owner of immortality. The world is now so anxious to know the Truths that pertain to God and to man’s relationship to Him, and the messages that you are receiving give to the world what it so longs for.

I know that the Christian doctrines, as contained in the Bible and taught by many preachers and priests, are the only doctrines that the Christians have any knowledge of. Consequently, they are accepted by them as being the inspired revelations of God, and the truth of what He is, and what man must do in order to obtain salvation. And these people rest securely in these beliefs, and in the assurance that the Bible way is the only way to salvation. And, resting in these beliefs, the world does not see the necessity for obtaining the only thing that will place them in At-onement with God, and will make them inhabitants of His Heavens.

I merely write this to show you that it is of the greatest importance that the Truths of the Way to salvation be revealed to mankind.

I do not think that I have anything more to say tonight, and, so will leave you. With all my love, I am

Your brother in Christ, CORNELIUS.



Jesus Proclaims That Divine Truths Must Be Declared to All Mankind


I AM HERE. Jesus.

Let me write, for I am anxious to tell you that you are in much better condition than you have been for a long time.

And your thoughts of today, and especially tonight, have put you in a spiritual condition. If you continue in these thoughts and longings, you will soon enable us to make the rapport by which we can continue our messages with greater frequency, and with exact expression of what we desire to convey.

I have been with you a great deal today, and have tried to exercise an influence upon your soul and mind that will cause you to more fully realize the responsibility that rests upon you, and the importance of the work that you are to do. I was with you at church this morning and saw the impression made upon your mind by the preacher when he asked if anyone had anything to offer that would show him that he had not grasped all of the Truth as to the “spiritual things” (as he called them) that would cause men to aspire for and obtain a higher course of living. I also saw that you realized that your work, if carried to its conclusions, would answer that question. And, so, you must think of this question, and try with all the powers that have been given to you to learn these Truths so that they can be made known—not only to the preachers of the so-called “Christian” churches but also to all mankind. You already have Truths enough to show this minister that he is not preaching the true Christian spirituality that I came to the world to teach, and did teach; that he must not rest satisfied with his knowledge of spiritual things, but must seek for more Light and Truth; and, then, that he should make them a part of his own possessions and teach them to the world of men, and especially those to whom he has the opportunity of ministering.

I am much pleased that you are in so much better condition of soul. I want you to persist in your efforts to obtain more of the Love of the Father, and then you will be able to bring true enlightenment to the unthinking and unknowing world of the Truths that are so vital to their salvation.

I was also with you tonight and saw the impression made on you by the preacher when he set forth Samuel, as he then was, as an example to be followed by the true seekers after the important things that lead to spiritual regeneration and perfect manhood. And I was glad that you could appreciate how far the character of Samuel fell short of what is necessary to make a man the divine angel, or even the perfect man. The preacher does not experience the Truth of the Divine Love in his soul and, in fact, has not even an intellectual knowledge of Its existence and operations. He be- lieves that I am God, and that my blood washes away the sins of all men who believe in me; and, thus thinking, he is satisfied to rest upon the promise of the gospels, which he accepts as the true teachings of me.

Samuel is now here. He was with you at the church and realized how devoid he was, at the time spoken of by the preacher, of that thing which was necessary to his salvation. And he remembers his demand upon the people to behold him, and then to bring any charge of unrighteousness that they could against him and his conduct as a servant and prophet of Jehovah. This is a very pretty story and, to a certain extent, contains in it a teaching of the moral laws that work for good. But it is not more important than many other things contained in the Old Testament. Samuel will come sometime and write to you of his life on earth, and of his ministry as a servant of Jehovah.

Well, my dear brother, I will not write more tonight, but will soon come and write an important message which I know will not only benefit but also interest you.

(Might you write sometime upon what is God’s Will for mankind?)

Well, I will write on this subject that you suggest. For this is an important thing for men to know, as so many think they are doing God’s Will in their various courses of living and in their various forms of worship. His Will is one that corresponds with all the laws that affect man in every way, and men must know what this Will is.

I will come soon and write on this subject, and I hope that you may be successful in receiving my message as I intend to deliver it.

With my love and blessing, and the assurance that I will be with you in all times of need and will try to direct you in your thoughts, I will say good night.

Your friend and brother, JESUS.



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