Jerome Reflects on His Writings and the Bible

Jerome Reflects on His Writings and the Bible


In this mediated message, Jerome reflects on his writings and the Bible and cautions that for several reasons, not everything in them is accurate. He also comments on his background and present position in the Celestial Kingdom. Another short message by Jerome is here.



Jerome Cautions That the Truths of God Must Not Be Sought for in His Writings, or Those of the Disciples as Contained in the Bible, Because of the Many Errors in Both Sources


I AM HERE. Jerome.

 I came to tell you that I am an inhabitant of that Kingdom which Samuel has so inadequately described, and that is the Kingdom of Jesus and, of course, of the Father.

You may not know anything about me, but I was canonized many centuries ago by the church because it thought that I had done the church so much good by my writings and discourses on religious things. But I must confess now that, when I wrote, I expressed many things as truths which I now see were not true; and I would like to be able to correct all these errors in my writings, but I cannot.

So, I will tell you in a few words that the Truths of the Master, which are the Truths of God, must not be sought for in my writings, or even in those of his disciples as contained in the Bible, because of the many errors that exist therein. This is not because the disciples and those to whom they conveyed these Truths did not write them correctly, but because the Bible, as now written, is not the same in many important particulars as to what the disciples actually wrote. AND, HENCE, JESUS, KNOWING THIS, IS SO ANXIOUS THAT THE WORLD SHALL RECEIVE THESE GREAT TRUTHS AGAIN THROUGH HIS WRITTEN MESSAGES.

I am trying my best to help the cause which he is advocating, and am behind you with spirits who are trying with all their spirit powers to direct you aright and enable you to receive the Truths.

I am in a Celestial Sphere very high up in the heavens. I cannot otherwise describe its location. These spheres are not numbered after the first few because they interblend so that there are no lines of demarcation. But I am not so high up as are the disciples and many others who are followers of the Master. The ancient spirits, such as Moses and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, are in higher spheres. But they are not so exalted as are Jesus’ apostles and disciples, and, as I am informed, many spirits who came to the spirit world since Jesus came.

I will not write more tonight, but will thank you and say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

JEROME, the writer and commentator on the Bible.


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