Jesus Denies that He Is God

Jesus Denies That He Is God


In this mediated message, Jesus denies that he is God and that his blood saves from sin. Despite erroneous teachings and beliefs of the Holiness Church, many of its members have God’s Love in their souls and the Holy Spirit is working with them. Therefore attendance and worship there are beneficial. For related information, go to this page.



Jesus Denies That He Is God, or That His Blood Washes Away Man’s Sins


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I was with you tonight and saw that the Holy Spirit was filling your heart with the Divine Love of the Father, and that you realized Its presence. And you felt that, even though the people worshiped me in their ignorance, yet, they have this Love of the Father to a great degree.

I do not approve of their frequent reference to my blood as saving them from their sins, and keeping them in the Grace and Favor of the Father; for, as I have told you, my blood has nothing to do with the salvation of any soul. Only the Divine Love of the Father saves a soul from sin and makes it one with the Father in His Love and Divinity.

But, nevertheless, these people have this Love in their hearts. And while they look upon me as God with their intellects, yet, their souls are turning to God. And, consequently, they receive the Blessings of the Father’s Love, and are receiving the development of their souls to a large extent.

I am glad you attend these meetings,* for in them is a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit and the Love of the Father. And while you may not be in sympathy with their doctrines as to Who and What saves them from sin and unrighteousness, yet, the influence of the Holy Spirit is so great that it helps your soul development.

I tried to influence the speakers to tell just what the conditions of their souls were, and what experience they had in receiving and enjoying this Divine Love. Many of them experience, and have as a part of their religious possession, just what they said they had.

It will be beneficial to you to attend this church, and to get the benefit of the presence of the Holy Spirit which is with them in their worship.

I was with you and tried to make you feel my presence, and I did; and you felt a little exaltation of your soul qualities and enjoyed the services, especially the singing and the prayers.

So, while you must not be influenced by their doctrines as to my being God or to be worshiped, yet, if you will ignore this and only consider that their real worship is of God, and that their souls are in unison with Him, you will find that these services will do you much good.

I am with you very much and am trying to get you relieved from the worries which come to you. I am also trying to help you get in that spiritual condition which is necessary in order for you to take and continue my formal messages.

(I feel that I am now receiving more of the Father’s Love.)

Yes, you are, and I am glad that it is so. I want you to become a man so possessed of this Love, and of faith so strong, that nothing that you may encounter will swerve you from your convictions and from your work. I see that you are anxious to continue this work, and you will soon be able to do so.

(It will be hard to persuade people that many of the Bible’s assertions are incorrect, as they pertain to you.) Yes, I know that the Bible iterates and reiterates the statement that I am God, and that my blood saves from sin, and that I am a propitiation for mankind. But, nevertheless, the Bible is all wrong, and these false doctrines must be corrected and men taught the pure Plan of salvation.

I will be with you very often until we have commenced our work in the way that we desire to carry it forward. Let not anything that you may read in the Bible cause you to have a conception that may not agree with what I shall write. Let your mind be blank of these Truths and wait until I shall disclose them to you, and then believe me.

John never wrote these statements as contained in his epistles and gospel, and he will write to you denying that he did. The Bible contains many Truths and many of my sayings, but, also, many statements that were never made by me or by the apostles. And my mission now is to correct all these errors. So, you see, we have much work ahead of us, and we must commence it as soon as possible.

I am with you tonight to comfort and encourage you and help you to overcome your worries. And if you will only pray to the Father and believe, you will be successful in both particulars.

I will not write more tonight, as others are here to write, and I desire that they shall do so.

Your brother and friend, JESUS.



* The Church of the Holiness, Washington, D.C.—Ed.



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