Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 12-2

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with aspects of Individual Progression through the Spirit Spheres. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


12. II. Individual Progression through the Spirit Spheres



* Mrs. Padgett Tells of Her Experience in Leaving Her Physical Body and Going to the Spirit World

* A Mother Tells of Her Experience After Passing Over. She Died While Giving Birth to Her Baby

* Dr. Leslie R. Stone’s Father States That He Is Making Earnest Effort to Reach His Wife’s Home, and to Be With Her Through Prayer to the Father for His Love

* Dr. Leslie R. Stone’s Sister, Kate, Explains What Her Work Is in the Spirit World, and Informs Her Brother That His Efforts to Help the Spirits Turn to the Father for His Love Are Having Positive Results

* A Spirit Describes His Experience After Writing Through Mr. Padgett. He States That He Obtained the Divine Love and Made His Progress into the Third Sphere

* G.R. Enlarges Upon His Spiritual Progress and Acquired Knowledge

* Mrs. Padgett Relates Her Experience in Trying to Show a Spirit the Way to God’s Love

* Mr. Padgett Receives a Message from a Spirit Who Believed in the Creeds, but Who Awakened to the Truth After He Met Jesus

* A Spirit Gives His Experience, and How His Old Beliefs in the Creeds Retarded His Progress. He Affirms That Mr. Padgett Was Selected by Jesus to Receive the Messages

* Help Is Given to a Clergyman of the Orthodox Church

* An Orthodox Minister Relates His Experiences After He Passed into the Spirit World

* Saleeba, an Ancient Spirit of the Sixth Sphere, Requests Mr. Padgett’s Assistance Concerning How to Obtain God’s Divine Love

* Saleeba Describes Her Progress in Obtaining the Divine Love

* Saleeba Declares That She Is Progressing and Soon Will Be Above the Third Sphere. She Also States That She Now Knows That Jesus Is the True Leader of All the Spirits Who Have the Divine Love

* Saleeba Tells of Her Happiness and of Her Intention to Share What She Has Found with Her People

* Saleeba Continues to Share Her Happiness with Mr. Padgett

* Solomon Tells of His Position in the Celestial Spheres

* Mrs. Padgett Explains That the Soul’s Development Determines the Appearance of a Spirit, Not the Racial Characteristics of the Earth Life

* Samuel, the Prophet, Discusses His Experience in the Spirit Heavens and His Progress to the Celestial Kingdom

* Aaron, the Brother of Moses, Gives His Experience, and What He Now Knows About Immortality Since Jesus Came and Taught How It Can Be Obtained

* Sarah Declares That She Is Now a Christian

* Hugh Latimer Explains That the Manner of a Man’s Death Does Not Determine Which Sphere He Is to Enter in the Spirit World; Only the Manner of His Living and the Development of His Soul Qualities Determine This

* George Whitefield Relates That He Changed His Erroneous Beliefs That He Taught on Earth, and That He Is Now in the Celestial Heavens



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