Sarah Shares Her Experiences

Sarah Shares Her Experiences


In this message, Sarah, the wife of Abraham shares her experiences on earth and in the Celestial Heavens. She clarifies what happened between her, Abraham and Hagar. For related information, go to this page.




Sarah Declares That She Is Now a Christian


I AM HERE. Sarah, the wife of Abraham.

I want to tell you that I am now a Christian and live in the Celestial Spheres.

(It says in the Bible that you ordered Hagar sent into the desert to die.)

Yes, but there are many things in the Bible that are not true. When it says that I sent Hagar into the desert, or caused her to be sent into the desert, to starve and die—that story was a slander on me, and did me great injustice, because I was not such a wicked woman.

Abraham did not send her there either. She went of her own accord because she had done that which condemned her in her own conscience.

(What had she done?)

Well, she had taken my husband and had a child by him. I know the Bible says that that was commanded by God, or that I prevailed upon Abraham to have a child by her, but neither account is true.

(Are you now happy in the Celestial Spheres?)

Yes, I am happy, and so is Abraham and our son Isaac, and his son Jacob; but they were without this Divine Love for a great many years, as It only came to us when the Master came to earth.

I know that you think it strange that I should come to you and write. But as I was with Aaron in the earth plane, and was attracted to you by the light which fills the space around you, I followed Aaron and came to you; and, after he wrote, I wrote also.

(Are there many spirits present right now?)

Yes, I see a great number of beautiful spirits around you, and some of the apostles who are so very beautiful and bright. They seem to be so much interested in you, and they say that you have been selected to do the work of the Master on earth in the way of revealing the Truths which he shall write to you. I don’t quite understand it all. But if the Master says that this is what shall be done, you will do it.

I must stop now. But please believe that I am Sarah, as I have told you. I will leave you now and say good night.

Your sister in Christ,
SARAH, the wife of Abraham.



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