Manner of Death Doesn’t Determine Place in Spirit World

Manner of Death Doesn’t Determine Place in Spirit World


In this message, Hugh Latimer explains that the manner of death doesn’t determine one’s place in the spirit world. Rather it is the state of the soul at the time of death. Hugh died as a martyr for his beliefs but now feels that didn’t significantly help him in crossing over. For related information, go to this page.





Hugh Latimer Explains That the Manner of a Man’s Death Does Not Determine Which Sphere He Is to Enter in the Spirit World;
Only the Manner of His Living and the Development of His Soul Qualities Determine This


I AM HERE.  Hugh Latimer.

I was the martyr who was burned at the stake because of my belief in God, and in salvation by faith and works as taught in the Scriptures.

My name was Hugh Latimer.

I merely come to tell you that I am now a happy spirit and an inhabitant of the Father’s Kingdom. I live in the Celestial Heavens and am a follower of the Master, as I was on earth.

(Do you worship Jesus as God?)

No, I do not now worship him as God. I believed that false doctrine when on earth. But now I know that there is only one God to be worshiped, and that Jesus is His most exalted son. I was surprised, I must confess, when I entered the spirit world and did not enter heaven and see God on His “throne” and Jesus sitting on His “right hand.” But it was not long before I understood the Truth. For Jesus came to me himself and explained that he was not God, and that I must not worship him as such. But we who love God, as followers of Christ, adore the Master as our great teacher and elder brother.

When I first entered the spirit world, I found myself in the Second Sphere among spirits of brightness and love. And, after a little while, I entered the Third Sphere where Love is more abundant. Then, as my soul became filled with this Love, and my errors of belief left me, I progressed from sphere to sphere until I arrived where I am now living; and I thank God for His Love and Mercy.

I do not think the fact that I died a martyr to my beliefs had any effect in enabling me to reach a higher sphere than I would otherwise have entered. Not the manner of my death determined my place in the spirit world, but the development of my soul qualities did. If I had a belief in what I thought were truths, but which were not really truths, and that belief, proclaimed and persisted in, had caused my being put to death, you can readily see that the mere fact that I died for the sake of that belief would not have helped my soul development in the real Truth in any way. And, so, the mere fact that I died a martyr for what I believed to be true did not help me in obtaining a place in the spirit world that I would not have obtained had I died a natural death with the same beliefs. THE MANNER OF A MAN’S DEATH DOES NOT DETERMINE ANYTHING. BUT THE MANNER OF HIS LIVING AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIS SOUL QUALITIES ARE WHAT DETERMINE WHERE HE SHALL LIVE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD.

Of course, the death of the martyr will sometimes awaken soul qualities or conceptions that might not otherwise have been awakened, and thereby increase the martyr’s love for the Father. In this way, such a death may help him in his progress to higher things. But, as I say, the soul development fixes the first home of the spirit. I mean the development at the time of passing over.

My dear brother, I must stop now. But I will come again sometime to write to you.

Yours in love, HUGH LATIMER.



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