Saleeba Shares About Her Progression

Saleeba Shares About Her Progression


In this series of mediated messages, Saleeba, a former Egyptian princess shares about her progression in Divine Love and her happiness. She describes her life in the Third Sphere, her advancement, and her desire to teach what she discovered to her people. For a previous message from Saleeba, go here. For related information, go to this page.



Saleeba Describes Her Progress in Obtaining the Divine Love


I AM HERE. Saleeba.

 I am in a much happier condition than when I wrote before, and I want to tell you that the Love of God in my soul is the cause of my being happier. Your sweet wife was with me a great deal, telling me of this Love and showing me the Way to seek for It; and I believed her and followed her advice. And, as a result, I found a great deal of that Love. It is so very great a creator of happiness—and I want more of It!

I am living in the Third Sphere because I find so much more of that soul Love there than in the Sixth. And what I want now is that Love! So, you see, I cannot live where this Love is not so abundant. When I get more of It, I shall go to the Sixth and tell the spirits there what a great happiness I have found, and try to persuade them to seek It also. And I believe that many will.

I am so glad that I broke into your writing when I did, for, if I had not, I would not have learned the Way to this Love and happiness. I shall always look upon you as my friend and brother, and will do anything in my power to help you.

I have not found any of my race in these soul spheres as yet, but there may be some of them there. But if I can possibly accomplish it, there will be some of them in my sphere very soon.

I have forgotten a great many things in connection with my earth life; but I remember my parents and some of my associates, and some portions of my religious beliefs. And, sometime, I will tell you of these things.

I will also tell you of my experiences in passing through these spheres in my progress to the Sixth where I had to stop progressing. It is strange that I did not find this out until recently, but it is a fact.

No spirit who lives in the Sixth Sphere is as beautiful as the spirits of the Third Sphere who have the soul development. And the merely intellectual spirit can never become as beautiful as those having the soul Love.

Well, I must stop, as I only wanted to let you know that I had not forgotten you. I will come again soon and tell you what I promised.

So, I will say good night.

Your friend and sister, SALEEBA.



Saleeba Declares That She Is Progressing and Soon Will Be Above the Third Sphere. She Also States That She Now Knows That Jesus Is the True Leader of All the Spirits Who Have the Divine Love


I AM HERE. Saleeba.

 Well, I am with you again. I want to tell you that I am so very happy, as I have progressed so much since I wrote you a short time ago.

I am still in the Third Sphere, but I am in a higher plane and with spirits who have the soul development to a very great degree. And, in their love, I am just so happy that I cannot express to you its extent.

Oh, what a wonderful thing the Divine Love is! And when I consider the long years that I lived as a spirit without knowing anything about this Love, I can scarcely express my regret at the unfortunate position in which I lived. I know now that Jesus is the true leader of all the spirits who have this great soul development, and that he can show the Way to the Father’s Kingdom as no other spirit can. And, besides, when I come in contact with him, I realize that he has so much of this Love himself that what he says must be true.

I will soon progress to a higher sphere, they tell me, and will get Love in more abundance; and then, in a little while, I shall go to my own people and tell them of the wonders and glories of my new-found home. What a blessed, happy time I anticipate among these spirits who are now in such ignorance of the only thing that brings this great happiness.

I am not in condition now to tell you of my residence or life on earth, as I promised, but sometime I will keep my promise.

You must think kind thoughts of me, and let your love come to me so that I may feel its benefit. For I must tell you that the loving thoughts of a mortal who knows what this Divine Love is have a wonderful influence on spirits and their advancement in the spirit spheres.

I will not write more tonight.

So, with my love and kindest thoughts, I am

Your sister in Christ, SALEEBA.



Saleeba Tells of Her Happiness and of Her Intention to Share What She Has Found with Her People


I AM HERE. Saleeba.

I want to say only a few words that you may know how happy I am, and how much my soul is filled with this Divine Love of which you first told me. Oh, my friend, it is difficult to keep from shouting the fact that I am a redeemed child of the Father, and one who knows that His Love is mine, and that I shall live through all eternity enjoying the happiness which His Love and Mercy have given me!

I intended to keep my promise and tell you of my life on earth many thousands of years ago, and so I will sometime. But now I am so happy in this great possession that I cannot think of those earthly things in such a way as to relate to you my experience as a mortal. Wait a little while and I will try to describe to you all the things of my earth life that may be of interest to you.

I will go very soon now to my people and tell them what I have found, and urge them to seek for It. And I trust that they will follow my advice. There are many of them that are good and pure spirits, with a natural love in such a state that they are very happy and contented. Yet, when I realize the great difference in the happiness that is theirs and that which may be theirs, I cannot refrain from going to them and telling them of it.

I know that you are glad that I am happy and are interested in my progress, and, hence, I love to come and let you know what my condition is.

I will not write more tonight. So, believe that I love you as a sister and pray for you, and ask the Father to make you happy and fill your soul with His Love and bless you.

Good night.

Your sister in Christ, SALEEBA.



Saleeba Continues to Share Her Happiness with Mr. Padgett


I AM HERE. Saleeba.

 Yes, I only wanted to say that I am very happy, and feel that I must tell you because you first caused me to seek this Love and to find the Way to my soul’s development.

I know that you are not so much interested in me as in some others who write to you, but I further know that no one feels more grateful to you than I do. So, you see, as I progress, I must come and tell you of my happiness.

(I want you to share your happiness with me.)

Yes, that is what I want, and you seem to understand just what is necessary; and I am glad that I can come to you. So, my dear brother, think of me sometimes, and pray to the Father to give me more of His Divine Love that makes me at-one with Him.

I will not write more, but will say good night.

Your sister in Christ, SALEEBA.



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