Challenges of Abandoning False Beliefs

Challenges of Abandoning False Beliefs


From these two mediated messages, the challenges of abandoning false beliefs from this life are apparent, and how much better it is to learn of  God’s Divine Love while still on earth. For related information, go to this page.


Mrs. Padgett Relates Her Experience in Trying to Show a Spirit the Way to God’s Love


I AM HERE. Helen.

I want to tell you of my experience in trying to show a spirit the Way to God’s Love, which I had a short time ago.

Well, I talked to this spirit of this Love, and told her that the only Way to happiness and to the Celestial Kingdom was through prayer and faith, and that all spirits who were inhabitants of those spheres had received this Great Love of the Father only through prayer and faith; and if she wanted to become an inhabitant of these heavens, she must seek for this Love in that Way. She said that she was told, when on earth, that if she only observed the rules and regulations of the church, and devoted herself to doing church work and looking after the interest of the church so that it might be sustained and fostered, she would go to heaven just as soon as she had left the earth life; and that that would be all that would be required of her, and that no other seeking or striving after God’s Love would be necessary to enable her to get into the heavens where God is and all His angels. I told her that she must now realize that such performance of what she considered to be her duty had not been sufficient to carry her into these heavens, and that she must realize that something more was necessary. But she still persisted that her belief in what she had been taught in the church could not be changed, and that very soon she would become an inhabitant of these higher spheres. So, I left her because I saw that it was useless to try to convince her that she was laboring under an absolutely false belief.

So, I find that in this spirit plane there are many spirits in darkness and bigotry, which prevents them from seeing the Truth and progressing to the higher spheres. I do not think that mortals, when they become spirits, have any better opportunity, for some time at least, to realize and accept these Truths than they had when on earth. And the men or women who teach these things have a great sin to answer for; for Jesus said, “Cursed is he who believes and teaches these false doctrines.” And I think he must have laid especial emphasis on false teaching as it affected not only the teacher but also many others who had faith in, and accepted, these teachings as true.

I am so glad that I, when on earth, was never fully convinced of these church dogmas, as I consequently found it so much easier when I came to the spirit world to believe the Truths as they are. Of course, I was exceptionally blessed in having your mother and grandmother, who are so well-versed in these things, to show me the Way. And, then, when Jesus came to me and corroborated what they said, I could not help but believe.


Well, I thought I would tell you of this little incident, as it shows you a great and necessary Truth, and one which all men should know.

So, with my love, I am

Your own true and loving HELEN.




Mr. Padgett Receives a Message from a Spirit Who Believed in the Creeds, but Who Awakened to the Truth After He Met Jesus



 I am here—the spirit of one who, when on earth, was a believer in the divinity of Jesus and in his being one of the three parts of the “Godhead”, co-equal with the Father and with the Holy Spirit.

I died in this belief and, as a consequence, when I came to the spirit world, I was disappointed and also surprised to find that Jesus is not God, but a spirit made like the rest of the inhabitants of that world, though infinitely more beautiful and possessed of a very much larger degree of the Divine Nature of the Father.

I did not believe that this was true until a long time after I entered the spirit world, for my old beliefs clung to me.

And while I did not find myself in heaven, singing psalms and playing on harps, as the Bible taught, yet, I was not very unhappy and was not in much darkness, and I settled down to the belief that the state in which I found myself was the one that I should probably remain in until the great day of judgment and the general resurrection of those who had died.

But, after a while, I met spirits who said they were from a higher sphere. They told me that there is no such thing as a fixed state in the spiritual world, and that the day of judgment is every day that I existed as a spirit; and that, if I chose to do so, I could progress out of my condition into higher spheres where I would find more happiness and light.

Of course, I did not readily believe this, for my old beliefs stayed with me, and I continued in my condition of hesitancy for a long time until at last I had the good fortune to come face to face with the Master. And then I knew that my beliefs were wrong and erroneous. I had no conception of such a beautiful and bright and loving spirit.

He told me that he was not God, and that he was only a son of the Father; and that I was a son, also, and could obtain the Divine Love, just as he had obtained It, if I would only pray to the Father and have the necessary faith.

Since then, I have been praying. And my old beliefs about Jesus being God, and the great day of judgment and the resurrection of the dead at the last day, have left me. And I am now a free spirit possessing the Love of the Father to a considerable extent.

I am not so exalted and bright, and have not the soul development that your band has, but I am progressing and know that the Divine Love of the Father is what we all, spirits and mortals, need to make us one with the Father and partakers of His Divine Nature and of immortality.

I am a stranger to you, and you must excuse my intruding. But I so desired to write as I have that, when I saw the way open, I could not resist the temptation to write.

I am S.B.S. I lived in the city of New York and died many years ago. I am in the Fifth Sphere and am progressing.

So, thanking you, I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ, S.B.S.




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