Dr. Stone’s Relatives Share Their Experiences

Dr. Stone’s Relatives Share Their Experiences


These two mediated messages are from Dr. Stone’s relatives, his father and sister, who share their experiences in the spirit world. For related information, go to this page.


Dr. Leslie R. Stone’s Father States That He Is Making Earnest Effort to Reach His Wife’s Home,
and to Be With Her Through Prayer to the Father for His Love


I AM HERE. William Stone.

I am the father of that boy, and I want to say to him that I am happy, too, as well as his mother, but not as happy as she is. I am not in her high sphere, but am striving to get there and enjoy her home. Leslie, my son, I am also happy that you are trying to follow the steps of the Master in your love for the Father and in your soul aspirations.

Believe in this Truth and you will not be disappointed. When the great day of reunion comes, you will find more love waiting for you than you ever thought possible for a spirit to receive. So, trust in God and follow the teachings of the Master. I know the importance of this as one who was ignorant of these teachings on earth, and who has learned them only since coming to the spirit world.

I bless that dear mother of yours. If it had not been for her teachings after she came over, I would probably be an easy-going spirit, as I was a man, enjoying the happiness which my good nature and love of things generally gave me. But when she came and told me how much she loved me, and I saw she had a Love which I did not have but had to get in order to be with her, I sought for the kind of Love she had. And, with her help and that of the Holy Spirit, I obtained this Love. I am now very happy, for it is this Love alone which may make it possible for me to be with her where she is.

But I am not yet with her, as her soul condition is above mine. Consequently, I am not yet able to share her home. She is so beautiful and good that I am not content to live away from her. And I am trying with all my soul’s desires to be together with her through prayer to the Father for this Divine Love—the one possession that can make me worthy of her.

So, Leslie, believe what we say! Trust in God and you will be happy.

Your loving father, WILLIAM STONE.



Dr. Leslie R. Stone’s Sister, Kate, Explains What Her Work Is in the Spirit World,
and Informs Her Brother That His Efforts to Help the Spirits Turn to the Father for His Love Are Having Positive Results


I AM HERE. Kate Stone.

Tell my brother that what he heard a few nights ago in reference to me is true, and that I am engaged with my whole heart and soul in the work of helping the dark and suffering spirits. When I succeed in turning some towards the light and the Father’s Love, a happiness comes to me that I cannot describe. The fact of being an instrument in the redemption of one lost soul affords a greater happiness than any mortal can dream of. And, when I tell my brother that I have succeeded in showing the Way to many of these spirits, he may perhaps realize what my happiness is in a small way.

To me, the work is one of the greatest that we spirits can possibly engage in, and I never get tired or disheartened. And even though I sometimes fail to convince a spirit as to the Way to Light and relief from his suffering, yet, I never feel disappointed; for I know that sooner or later that spirit will perceive the meaning of my words and they will have their effect.

But not only can I see the result of my own work but also that of you three mortals,* for you all help these dark spirits by your talks with them. And my brother must not think that, just because he cannot write and thus be certain that the spirits are listening to him, he cannot perform this task; for I must tell him that he can and does. When he talks to them, they give him their attention and believe him. And many take his advice and seek the Father’s Love through the only Way It can be obtained: through earnest prayer. He will know someday what the results of his efforts are. And, when he does, he will thank the Father that he was given this gift. Tell him to continue. Even though he cannot hear their responses, I will come at times to inform him of this result:  A soul in darkness and torment has been rescued by a mortal who knows the Truth. A crown of one star, representing salvation of a soul, is a glorious possession. But a crown of many stars bestowed, for the saving of many souls, is a treasure beyond description! This crown will be his. But while it will not be one to be worn, yet, it will be a crown set in the joyous countenances of spirits relieved of their sufferings and radiant in the Glory of the Father’s Love.

I will stop now, as Helen says you are tired and must not write more tonight. With my love, I will say good night to you and Leslie.

Your sister in Christ, KATE.



*Mr. Padgett, Eugene Morgan, and Dr. Stone.—Ed.



Photo Credit: Kenshu of FreeImages.com


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