Angelic Revelations Volume 2 Chapter 14-II-VI

These sub-parts and sub-chapters of Chapter 14 of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume 2 deal with incorrect teachings of several churches and make corrections in their doctrinal systems.  The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


14.  Corrections Made in Other Doctrinal Systems

II. Disciples of Christ—Churches of Christ


* Alexander Campbell, One of the Founders of the Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ, Confesses That He Did Not Understand the Plan of Man’s Salvation When on Earth


III. Seventh-Day Adventists

* Helen Explains The Sabbath. She Also Cautions Mr. Padgett Not to Take the Seventh-Day Adventist Pamphlet He Was Reading Seriously

* Helen Comments on the Book, “The Great Controversy,” That Mr. Padgett Was Reading, and Declares That the Author Now Regrets Its Contents


IV. New Thought

* Luke Comments on the Teachings of New Thought. He Explains Some of the Erroneous Beliefs Associated with These Teachings

* Jesus Adds to Luke’s Comments on New Thought, and Stresses the Importance of Mankind Knowing the Truth of the New Birth

* Mrs. Padgett Comments on a Preacher’s Sermon on New Thought


V. Christian Science

* Jesus Introduces the Subject of Christian Science, Declaring That Some of Its Doctrines Are in Violation of the Truth and Must Be Corrected

* Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of Christian Science, Confesses That Many of Her Doctrines Were Neither “Christian” Nor “Science.”

* Ann R. Padgett, the Mother of Mr. Padgett, States That Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy Sees the Error in Her  Teachings, and That She is Living in the Same Sphere with Her

* Mrs. Eddy Now Recognizes the Misleading Errors of Some of Her Teachings, and Is Relieved Whenever   These Are Corrected Among Her Followers

* Mrs. Padgett Confirms That Mrs. Eddy Wrote Through Mr. Padgett

* Jesus Enlarges Upon Some of the Errors and Deficiencies of Christian Science


VI. Reincarnation and Theosophy

* Jesus Discusses the Nature of Mr. Padgett’s Mediumship, and Makes Mention of the False Doctrine of Reincarnation

* Goliath, the Famous Giant of the Philistines, Tells Mr. Padgett That He Was a Real Person Who Lived in the Days of the Old Testament. He Denies That There Is Any Reincarnation After the Death of the Mortal Body, and Disavows That He Was Killed by David, as Described in the Scriptures

* An Ancient Spirit Discusses Theosophy and Questions the Validity of Reincarnation

Mrs. Padgett Affirms the Identities of Several Spirits Who Wrote That There Is No Such Thing as Reincarnation

* Saelish, a Spirit of Old, Declares That There Is No Such Thing as Reincarnation




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