Mrs Eddy Regrets Errors Her Followers Believe

Mrs Eddy Regrets Errors Her Followers Believe


These mediated messages deal with Christian Science and how its founder, Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy sees and regrets the errors that her followers believe. She deeply wishes this was not so and is pleased when others correct her errors.



Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of Christian Science, Confesses That Many of Her Doctrines Were Neither “Christian” Nor “Science.”


I AM HERE. Mary Baker Eddy.

Let me write a few lines, as I am anxious to declare some facts which were not facts to my understanding and beliefs when on earth. And, oh, the pity of it all!

Today, I was present at the church where the preacher discussed and criticized my teachings, and me also, and I am compelled to admit that some of his criticisms were true and justified.

I am Mrs. Eddy, and the founder of the sect which bears the high sounding name of “Christian Science,” the doctrines of which are neither Christian nor science, as I now know from actual experience in the spirit world where many of my teachings are shown to be not in accord with Truth, and so misleading.

I now realize that my mind and soul were not in accord as regards the Truth, while I lived as a mortal, and that my mind was superior in causing me to have certain beliefs which I left to the world in the form of doctrines contained in my textbook and my other writings.

My soul possessed a considerable degree of the Divine Love, as that Love has been explained to you. And when I came to the spirit world, that Love was my salvation, notwithstanding the errors of many of my teachings as to mind and matter, and the non-reality of sin and evil.

I am too weak to write more. But I will come again soon, for I must declare the Truths. Good night.




Ann R. Padgett, the Mother of Mr. Padgett, States That Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy Sees the Error in Her Teachings,
and That She is Living in the Same Sphere with Her


I AM HERE. Your mother.

My boy, I am so glad to write to you again. It seems so long since I wrote to you. I love you so much and feel that I must tell you.

Go to the Universalist Church, as Helen told you. It is the best one now in existence, because it believes more in God’s Love without having to worship Jesus. As you say, the Christian Scientists are good people, but their position on Spiritualism is all wrong. Mrs. Eddy now sees her error and wishes that she could undo it. She is in the same sphere with me, but she does not enjoy so much of God’s Love as I do. I talk to her sometimes and she tells me that she is very sorry that she made the mistake of teaching that spirits could not communicate with mortals. She is a very bright spirit, but does not know all that she thought she knew when on earth.

(Might she write to me again?)

She may, I do not know, but I will ask her. (Will you pray for me?)

Yes, I will pray for you, my dear boy, with all my heart.

So, good night. YOUR MOTHER.



Mrs. Eddy Now Recognizes the Misleading Errors of Some of Her Teachings,
and Is Relieved Whenever These Are Corrected Among Her Followers


I AM HERE. Mary Baker Eddy.

Let me write a line, for I have been interested in the conversation of the doctor* and want to express my thanks to him for his efforts to enlighten one of my followers as to the Truth. My obligation is based on the fact that I recognize the misleading errors of some of my teachings, and that I am responsible for the beliefs of many mortals that are not true, and have the effect of keeping them from the Truth. And, further, that whenever any of those who have embraced the beliefs that I taught are shown the Light and directed to the errors of my teachings, I am to that extent happier and relieved from the burdens which I carry with me that my teachings are keeping so many from the Truth. In all this, I refer to the great question of the Divine Love, and the Way in which mortals may obtain the same and become in harmony with the Father, and partake of His Divine Nature and Immortality.

I have examined these Truths since I came to the spirit world, and realize with a great conviction that the reflection of the Divine Love is not the possession of that mind which comes only with the possession of the Love of the Father.

I wish that I had time tonight to write you a longer letter on this subject, but your guide says that you are not in condition to receive a lengthy letter and I must stop.

Let me express the hope that you and your friend, whenever the opportunity occurs, will attempt to enlighten my followers as to the Truths which you know, and as to errors and the want of the true explanation of salvation in my books. With my love, I will say good night.




Mrs. Padgett Confirms That Mrs. Eddy Wrote Through Mr. Padgett


I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, dear, I have been with you all evening and enjoyed your conversation. You may believe that the last communication was from Mrs. Eddy, for she actually wrote and was glad that she could do so. And because she carries the burden of which she wrote, we permitted her to write.

She realizes that, although she has a great amount of the Divine Love, yet, the knowledge that she believed and taught others to believe through the errors of her writings causes her much unhappiness in the way of possessing a great desire to undo or neutralize the effect of what she taught.

Love me and pray to the Father. Good night.

Your own true and loving HELEN.



** Dr Leslie R. Stone.



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