The Book, “The Great Controversy,” Contains Errors

The Book, “The Great Controversy,” Contains Errors


In this mediated message, Helen points out that the Adventist book The Great Controversy, contains errors and her husband is not using his time well in reading it.



Helen Comments on the Book, “The Great Controversy,” That Mr. Padgett Was Reading,
and Declares That the Author Now Regrets Its Contents


I AM HERE. Helen.

Well, I see that you have been reading an Adventist book, The Great Controversy, that is full of error and untruth, and that will do you no good to read. The author of that book now knows that the “dead” are very much alive, that Spiritualism is a Truth, and that the spirits who communicate are not the “devils of Satan,” as she calls them. Such reading is not worth the time that you waste in reading, and I do not see why you want to waste your time in such literature.

Mrs. White is now in the spirit world and realizes the great harm that her book has done and is now doing to humanity, and the great errors that so many of her followers believe in and try to follow as their guide in religious beliefs. She will come sometimes and write to you. For I must tell you that, when you borrowed the book and made some mention of its author, I tried to learn her whereabouts and succeeded. I wanted her to come to you and tell you of the utter falsity of what she had written. She has been here tonight and knows that you have been reading her book. She realizes that she must do something to correct, if possible, the untruthful teachings that the book contains. So, as I say, she will come to you very soon and write a message in reference to the same.

I see that you have been feeling better today, and have been comparatively free from your worries. I am so glad, for it makes a very great difference in your condition of mind and permits us to come in closer rapport with you as regards spiritual Truths.

Several spirits were here tonight expecting to write. But, when you commenced to read that book, they realized that they would not have the opportunity and left, very much disappointed. My advice is that you do not waste your time in the further reading of the book, as it will do you no good.

I love you with all my heart and soul, and want you to be happy and free from thoughts that may tend to draw your mind away from us and the work which you have to do. The only information that you will need, you will receive in the messages that will be written to you. And, so, you can readily see that there is no occasion for you to read books of the character of the one now before you.

I will come soon and write my promised letter, and I know that you will find more happiness in it than in a whole world full of books that speculate on the future life and the teachings of the Truths of spiritual things that these books do not know and should not speculate upon.

(And what will you say to me in your letter?)

Well, I will say what I have so often said: that I love you very devotedly. And all the other spirits who come to you love you also, and are with you very often with their influence, trying to help you in the development of your soul and in causing you increased happiness.

The Master was here and says that he will soon write his expected message. He is only waiting for you to get in good condition to receive it.

Your own true and loving HELEN.



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