Lamlestia Wonders about Reincarnation

Lamlestia Wonders about Reincarnation


In this mediated message, Lamlestia, an ancient spirit, discusses theosophy as he had learned it when on earth and wonders about the truth of reincarnation in view of his and others’ experience in the spirit world. More information on reincarnation can be found here.



An Ancient Spirit Discusses Theosophy and Questions the Validity of Reincarnation


I AM HERE. Lamlestia.

I was an inhabitant of India when that country was not known of to modern nations. I lived near the great Himalaya mountains on a plain that was then fertile and peopled by a vast number of inhabitants who worshiped the gods of whom the later Brahmans have written in their sacred books.

It may seem surprising to you that I should come and write to you. The explanation is that I became in rapport with you tonight at the meeting of the Theosophists. I saw that you were psychic and that I could communicate to you through the medium of the pen. There were many spirits present who, when mortals, lived in that far away country.

They were, and now are, believers in the mysteries of the occult as claimed to be known now by those who profess to be leaders of the Theosophical movement. A number of their names were mentioned by the lecturer. And these spirits were attracted to the meeting by reason of the similarity of beliefs which the mortals present possessed, and they, the spirits, possessed.

I, also, was present because of that attraction. For, when on earth, I was a great believer in these doctrines, and especially those that teach reincarnation and karma. And I still believe in these things, although I have been a spirit for many centuries. Yet, these earth beliefs cling to me and hold me to the binding force of their truths, as I conceive these truths to be.

Many of those present, whose minds I could read as they thought, believe in these doctrines, but very few of them have any conception of what are the truths taught by such philosophy. Even the lecturer has a very slight comprehension of the scope and import of these teachings. Her attempt to explain the objects and workings of the principles of true Theosophy was a very inefficient effort; for, in order for her to be able to teach these doctrines, it is absolutely necessary that she have a knowledge of the same, which she does not have.

No, the knowledge that she has, and many others like her have, as to the fundamentals of this philosophy or religion, if it may be called such, is very superficial. And the fact that it is a system of mysteries, a few of which they have discerned an explanation of, causes them to conclude that their grasp of the scope of this philosophy is greater than it really is. And this affords them a kind of satisfaction that arises from the consciousness that they know some mysteries which the world does not know of.

She spoke about the great Masters in India who have a full knowledge of these mysteries, and, in certain conditions or circumstances, will be able to and will initiate the searcher into the esoteric meaning of these great truths. Well, these Masters know something of the mysticism, and of occult powers and principles, but such knowledge is not sufficient to qualify them as teachers of the great truths of Theosophy, as I understood and now understand these truths.

We have in the spirit world, and have had for long centuries, communities of Theosophists who believe and teach to whomsoever will listen to these doctrines. And many of these spirits attempt to teach mortals these truths of the ages by impressions and thought transference, but with indifferent success. Hence, for most of those who think they would like to understand this philosophy, the great attraction is the mystery, which they believe must contain the truth because of its being a mystery.

In the search for the key to the opening up and solving of the doctrines, and the supposed mystery in which they are shrouded, progress and understanding has been very slow. And, as I said, we who have been engaged for centuries in this great effort have never had the existence of our supposed truths demonstrated to us. We are still plodding the weary way, supported by the faith that light will come to us at some time, and that that which has so long been enveloped in darkness will come into the pure light of understanding and comprehension.

But, as yet, very few of these mysteries have been solved. And neither have the truths been manifested that are supposed to be concealed therein.

To some of us, doubt has commenced to rear its head and cause disappointment. Such being the case with us, what can these mortals, who are groping in speculation and discord, expect to succeed in disclosing?

Tonight, I heard the lecturer declare that man is God, potentially, and that, when he develops into perfection, he will become God. Never was there a more delusive and untrue declaration of a supposed fact ever uttered! For we who have lived in this invisible world long enough to have had the realization come to us that we are gods all know that we are only and merely the spirits of men who lived on earth many years ago, even though we believed then that, in the far distant future and by our own exertions in renunciation, we would become gods. But, no, such is not the fact. And while we have renounced many of the sins and errors of our mortal lives, yet, we are still spirits with all the limitations of mind and soul that spirits are by nature bound.

And this I must say: that, in all the centuries of my spirit existence, never have I known a spirit, or the soul of a spirit, to reincarnate; and my disappointment in this has been grievous. Many spirits of our association have become perfect through renunciation; yet they have remained spirits and progressed to the highest heavens of our possibilities.*

Yet, strange as it may seem, in view of this experience, we still cling to our old beliefs in reincarnation to a more or less degree, thinking that there is something else to be done that we know not of in order for reincarnation to become the destiny of our souls.

Sometimes, I think that my beliefs in this particular must be wrong; for, in comparing the condition of mortals— the most advanced in their mind and soul development—I realize that they are not in a small degree the equal of us in development. And then I wonder, and, wondering, cannot understand what good could be accomplished, or what improvement made in our condition for progressing, should we again enter mortal bodies.

As true Theosophy taught, as we conceived it, reincarnation was a supposed process of purification, and was necessary in order that the spirit could attain to a state of perfection and freedom from everything that defiles his soul, and prevents that soul from arriving at the blissful state of Nirvana—which means only that condition of soul when reincarnation is no longer necessary or possible. And when I know that many of our spirits—one-time believers in these doctrines—have arrived at that condition and entered a state of perfect happiness, I hesitate longer to believe. I only hold the faith because I fear that the experience mentioned may be the result of special circumstances.

But if I cease to believe these teachings, what shall I believe? No one can tell me that this reincarnation will not take place, and I fear to surrender the belief.

And I further believe that, in order for the working of karma to exist, as the doctrines hold, reincarnation is necessary, and that only in the mortal body could I do the reaping that my sowing demands. And, yet, I see and know that karma has been and is working in this spirit world to the extent that the reaping has all been accomplished, and the spirit made perfect, and this without any reincarnation. For, as I have said, never have I known or heard of the reincarnation of a spirit, or of anything that is connected with or represents the spirit.

Of late, I have been much in “cloudland” as to these beliefs and in my desire to find the light. I have visited the meetings of the Theosophists in all countries, and especially in India where the Masters, who are supposed to have the full knowledge and enlightenment, live. I have done so in hopes of finding the light, but all to no avail. My desires and longings cry for the light, but none can be found.

Tonight, I was attracted to the meeting where I saw you. And realizing that I could express to you my feelings and doubts, I made a rapport and came home with you for the purpose of doing what I have done. I know from your condition of mind that you do not believe in these doctrines of the Theosophists, and that your beliefs are of a different kind and are new to me, although I have heard of the doctrines that are the objects of your faith. There are spirits with whom I sometimes come in contact who attempt to tell me of another Way to a higher heaven than the one that I know of; but, as they are mere babes in comparison to my ancient existence, I do not listen to them. Hence, I am not acquainted with their teachings.

I must not write more tonight, and thank you for your kindness.

(If you are willing, and will permit me to do so in your behalf, I would be most happy to call upon one of the bright spirits who are present to come to you and instruct you as to the True Way to supreme happiness, and to an eternity of joyful progression toward the very Fountainhead of God’s Love and Light.)

Well, you seem to be very kind, and I thank you for your interest. Under the circumstances, I must accept your offer. And, I assure you, I will listen attentively to what may be said to me.

I have looked and there comes to me a beautiful spirit who says that she is your grandmother, and that she has heard your invitation and will be glad to show me the Way to Love and Light and Truth. She seems so bright and beautiful and loving that I must go with her. So, I will say good night and go. Good night.



*The heaven of the Sixth Sphere.—Ed.




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