Angelic Revelations Volume 1 Chapter 3

This chapter and sub-chapters of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth deal with the truths about the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth. The messages with * are hyperlinked to separate pages and can be read in their entirety.


Chapter 3 — The Truths Surrounding the Birth and Life of Jesus of Nazareth.


* A Description of Jesus’ Birth and Life up to the Time of His Public Ministry. (JESUS)   

* Jesus Continues His Previous Message Regarding His Birth and Life. (JESUS)  

Prof. Joseph Salyards Comments on Jesus’ Message. (PROF. JOSEPH SALYARDS)  

Jesus Was Never Learned in the Wisdom of India or Egypt or Persia. He Was Taught by the Father and the Angels of God. (JAMES, THE APOSTLE)

Jesus Affirms That He Was Never in India and Greece Studying Philosophies, as Some Claim. (JESUS)

* Jesus Proclaimed His Messiahship in the Synagogue of Nazareth (JESUS)      

* Why Jesus Was Not Accepted as the Promised Messiah by the Chief Priests and Hebrew Rulers. (JESUS)

* The Condition of the World When Jesus Came to Teach. (JESUS)

Jesus Did Not Perform All the Miracles Claimed in the Bible. (PAUL, THE APOSTLE) 

* An Early Disciple Discusses What His Knowledge of the True Teachings of Jesus Was When He Was on Earth. (JOHN YORKING)

A Spirit Relates That He Heard Jesus’ Teachings When He Was on Earth. (ELAMEROS)         

* It Was Not Ordained by God That Judas Should Betray Jesus. Judas Was Not a Bad Man. (JOHN, THE APOSTLE)

* A Member of the Sanhedrin, and Judge at the Trial of Jesus, States the Reason for Condemning the Master at the Time,
and Now Urges All
Members of His Race to Accept Jesus as the Awaited Messiah, and to Seek the Father’s Love in Earnest Prayer. (EULIAM)

“Tarry Thou Till I Come” — The Wandering Jew’s Experience. (THE WANDERING JEW)           

John Confirms the Unusual Experience of the Wandering Jew. (JOHN, THE APOSTLE)  

Helen Padgett Comments on the Message Written by the One Known as the Wandering Jew. (HELEN PADGETT)

* What Actually Happened at Jesus’ Crucifixion. (SAMUEL, PROPHET OF THE OLD TESTAMENT)

* Joseph of Arimathea Describes What Happened after the Remains of Jesus Were Put in the Tomb. (JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA)

* Luke, the Apostle, Explains the Dematerialization of Jesus’ Earthly Body. (LUKE, THE APOSTLE)

* Thomas Carlyle Comments on What Luke Wrote About Jesus Dematerializing His Body after His Crucifixion. (THOMAS CARLYLE)

* Jesus Declares That He Is Not God or to be Worshiped as God, and He Explains What His True Mission Was. These Messages That Mr. Padgett Is Receiving Are His New Gospel to All Men, Both Mortals and Spirits. (JESUS) 

* No Man or Spirit Can Receive the Full Salvation That Jesus Taught and Exemplified in His Own Person Who Does Not Become Wholly Possessed of This Divine Love of the Father in His Soul, and Becomes Rid of the Conditions and Attributes That Belong to His Created Soul. (MATTHEW, THE APOSTLE)

* John Discusses the Existing Portraits of Jesus. He Also Declares That Only the Father Can Fill the Soul with the Divine Love. (JOHN, THE APOSTLE)



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