Jesus’ Birth, Mission and Work

Jesus’ Birth, Mission and Work

This mediated message continues from the previous message and further discusses the circumstances of Jesus’ birth, mission and work. It mentions the Wise Men from the East, his family’s lack of understanding of what he was about, as well as his nature as a son of God. For related information, go to this page and the related articles. 


Jesus Continues His Previous Message Regarding His Birth and Life.


(June 8th, 1915 | Received by James Padgett)


I AM HERE. Jesus.

I will continue my letter as to my birth and work, as I commenced it last night.

When I was satisfied that I was chosen by my Father to perform His Work of declaring to the world the bestowal of His Great Gift of the Divine Love that was in His Nature, and which formed the predominant Principle of that Nature, I commenced my ministry, and continued to work for the redemption of mankind on earth until my death on the cross. I was not then as perfect as I am now, and my knowledge of the Truths of the Father was not so great as it is now.

Let men know, though, that what I taught was true, even though I did not teach all the Truth, and that they will learn that I am my Father’s true son and the special messenger by whom these great Truths were to be taught to mankind.

When on earth, I was not so filled with the Love of the Father as I am now, and had not the power to make men feel that this Love is the only thing that will reconcile them to the Father and make them at-one with Him, as I have now. So, men must believe that I am communicating the real Truths to them which will show them the Way to the Father’s Love and to their own salvation.

You have in your mind the desire to know how it was that the Wise Men came to me with their offerings and adoration if I was not specially created by God to become His son and representative on earth.

Well, the Wise Men came, but their coming was not because of any knowledge they had that I was a Divinely created child, or that I was not a natural child. They came because they were astrologers and, at the time, saw a new and brilliant star in the heavens which meant to them that some important event had taken place; and, being students of the Old Testament, wherein such a star was referred to as the forerunner of the birth of a savior, they concluded that that star was the one intended; and, that my birth, being a lowly one, as they expected, was the one that the Scriptures meant; and, consequently, that I was the Christ spoken of. But outside of this knowledge as astrologers, and that of the Scriptures, they had no knowledge that I was the Christ to be born. And when it is asserted that they had any information from God or His angels that I was the Christ, that assertion is not true.

I know this because, since my coming to the spirit world, I have met these men and talked with them, and they have told me what I now write. So, while I was the Christ referred to in the Bible—I mean in the prophecies of the Old Testament—yet, those Wise Men had no other knowledge of that fact than what I have told you.

I know that I was sent by the Father to perform the mission which I performed, and that it was intended in the beginning that I should be anointed as the Christ, but I did not know this until after I became a man and was then told what my mission was by the angel and my own inner voice.

My mother or father or brethren did not know. And even after I had proclaimed my mission and showed the wonderful powers that had been given to me, they did not believe in my mission, but thought that I was beside myself—that is, as you say, crazy with the belief that I was the chosen one of my Father. The Bible itself shows that this was their condition of mind.

So, while I am the Christ of the Bible, and the chosen instrument of the Father to make known the great Truths which I have proclaimed, and which I shall proclaim through you, yet, I am not the only begotten son of God in the sense in which it is usually accepted. And much less am I God. As I have said, there is only one God, and I am merely His son and teacher who was sent to the world to declare the bestowal of the Gift of immortality to mankind and the Way in which men may obtain It.

I will deal further with myself as we progress in our writings. Let no man believe that I was born of the “Virgin Mary,” or that I was begotten by the Holy Spirit, or that I am God, for all these things are not true.

For the present, I will stop. With all my love and blessings, and the Blessings of the Father, I will say good night.

Your friend and brother,



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